Guide to Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee


Soddy-Daisy is a budding commuter town just north of the city of Chattanooga. The two communities of Soddy (to the north) and of Daisy (to the south) were merged in 1969 to become the incorporated town we have today. When you take a drive though Soddy-Daisy, the phrase “southern charm” takes on a whole new meaning. You won’t find a whole lot of big box stores or commercial real-estate, but rather several family owned and operated businesses that make you feel like family.

Guide to Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee

Guide to Soddy-Daisy in Chattanooga


You will find the majority of Soddy-Daisy’s restaurants along Dayton Pike road, but don’t be shy about jumping on to those roads less traveled for some southern gems!

There is no shortage of places of worship in all corners of Soddy-Daisy, and of many different denominations. This is certainly not a complete list, but just an overview of some options for your Sunday morning.

For easy access to a variety of outdoor recreation close to home, look no further than Soddy-Daisy. From kayaking on North Chick, hiking and swimming at Big Soddy Gulf, and climbing on Mowbray Mountain, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

There is no need to venture very far to cover your basic health and preventative care needs.


The public schools in Soddy-Daisy are among some of the highest rated in the county. There are also a handful of private education centers and a vibrant homeschool community.

Other Services and Events

There is a whole lot to love about the little town of Soddy-Daisy! Access to outdoor recreation is what brought us here, but we have truly found our community and my family and I know that this is the perfect place for us!

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