Keeping Kids Entertained While Working From Home


Keeping Kids Entertained While Working From Home This week has been freezing — literally! Waking up to 8 degree weather in North Georgia is not something that happens every day. School is out, yet work is still in session. As a single working mom, I am especially thankful for my work from home position during times like these. My work and parent responsibilities combined could quickly become overwhelming when considering working from home in a house full of kiddos. So how do I maintain my sanity? Meh, that’s a post for a different day (I’m not sure I have tips for that one yet).

Let’s instead ask: how do the kids stay entertained while I have a productive workday? Here are a few helpful tips:

Create a schedule

Working together with the kids to create a schedule helps the flow of the day. We outline the day that aligns with my work calendar to include meals, minimal screen time, chores, and quiet activities such as reading, puzzles and board games. Daily schedules are a must!

Give positive reinforcement

When you’re working, be mindful of what’s happening around you. If you notice something is going well, let your kids know! Letting them know you’ve observed their good choices, good behavior or kind tones goes a long way and helps promote positivity.

Have realistic expectations

Understanding my children are simply children — young children at that — who are active and full of energy, goes a long way. This reduces a lot of my frustrations when working in an open floor plan house full of kiddos. When we discuss the day, setting easily achievable expectations is crucial for our flow.

Have fun

Building forts on breaks, having an extra-long midday bath, saving big cardboard boxes to color on and play in are also helpful when trying to entertain your children while working from home. Lunchtime dance parties help get out all the wiggles and provide a few laughs too.

Working with a phenomenal team makes it easy to be transparent during days like these. And of course, there’s always personal leave that I could take if it gets to be too much.

I hope these suggestions can help someone else. I’m always looking for things to add to the list: what helps entertain your kids during the day? Drop a comment below to let us know!


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