Loving Valentine’s Day As A Family Day


Loving Valentine's Day As A Family DayI love Valentine’s Day! ❤ Kid, adult, single, married — no matter what stage of life I have been in, I have always loved Valentine’s Day. And, now that I am a mom and have more Valentines to celebrate, I love it even more! For the past two years, my husband, Kyle, and I have not gone on a traditional Valentine’s Day date with wine-tasting and a white tablecloth dinner followed by a hand-held stroll across the Walnut Street Bridge or any other romantic things people do in the movies. Instead, we’ve had so much more fun by going on a family date with our son and will continue this tradition as we celebrate our daughter’s first Valentine’s Day this year! 

If you want to spend this Valentine’s Day with all your little valentines, check out some of my family fun date ideas that can be used to celebrate any occasion all year long! 

One-on-One Time:

Donuts with Dad – This is the perfect lazy Saturday morning date, and also gives me a little time to relax at the house! Just have Dad take the kids and head over to Julie Darling Donuts to share one of their famous Donut Sundaes or pick out your favorite candy bar donut at Tasty Donuts. Just beware of the sugar rush!

A Royal Tea PartyA girl’s day Tea Party is perfect for all the girly girls in my family. We love getting dressed to the nines to do all the girly things! So having a Mommy/Daughter tea party at Polly Claire’s tickles us pink!

Mommy/Daddy + Me CookingKyle and I love date night at Sweet & Savory, and with all the parent and child class options, I know it has to be fun! Once our kiddos are old enough, we will definitely be going to learn how to roll sushi, decorate cookies, and make homemade pasta! But for now, we love our monthly Baketivity kits (perfect gifts for any occasion!) and all the yummy treats we make.

Fun for the Whole Family:

Bowling NightThe sound of bowling pins, the smell of fresh-out-of-the-fryer hot wings, and cold tasty beer always set the scene for the perfect family date. We have so much fun going to Southside Social with friends and family because they have bowling, outdoor lawn games, ping pong and so much more for everyone to do. 

Scavenger Hunt – One of my best friends came up with family scavenger hunts during the early COVID-19 shut down and it has become a staple at their house, and ours too! Family Scavenger Hunts are free, fun, and actually pretty easy to create. They can take place around the house, neighborhood, or town. We just pick things and places that our kids love for different stops along the way and end the hunt with a sweet surprise at the Cupcake Kitchen, a visit with our fishy friends at the Tennessee Aquarium, or at home for a family game night of Dinosaur Jenga, Let’s Go Fishin,’ or Phase 10 after bedtime.

Classic Dinner & a Movie – We haven’t quite gotten to the point where we can watch a full movie in one sitting, but we have fun watching the first half of a few select movies over and over. Some of the best low-key family date nights are ordering in Wally’s favorite — Mexiville or Taco Mamacita — and watching the same scenes of Finding Nemo or Monsters Inc.


No matter what you do or where you go this Valentine’s Day, I hope you feel the love from all of your Valentines! 


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