Spring Is Around The Corner


Spring Is Around The Corner

Today is Valentine’s Day. We’ve made our boxes, signed our cards and are gearing up for class parties, but all I can think about is this sunshine! I saw a picture floating around the internet that said, “You made it through the 10 darkest weeks of the year.” The message pointed out that the period between November 16 and January 22 represented the 10 darkest weeks of the year, bringing short days with little sunshine. January offered some really cold days too (my eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw my electric bill!), but these 60-degree days early February is giving make me crave warmer temperatures.

According to the Groundhog Day legend, the famous groundhog did NOT see this shadow this year, meaning an early spring is on its way! March 19 is officially the first day of spring. I must brag for a moment because I remembered to sign the kids up for spring sports before the deadline and have already planned our spring break! This week is bringing 50-60 degree weather and longer days are just around the corner!

The Scooter Crew! These are the younger siblings of the ball players from last year.

Looking forward to the next few months, this will be the first year all four kiddos are playing sports! The younger two kiddos wanted to sign up for T-Ball and they will (thankfully) be on the same team. I am excited to watch them play for the first time! When the boys were younger, I think we took T-Ball a little too seriously; with the younger two kids, we are just out there to have fun. They are four and five year olds, so we aren’t headed to the big leagues just yet…bring on the red-dirt-angels! This will be so entertaining. The older two boys will be on the same team, so games and locations will be easier too.

Rec Baseball
Jett, 9 years old, before a spring 2023 game.

This spring I would also like to start a small garden. This is something that is done in the spring, right? I am clueless and know nothing about gardening besides my childhood memories of how fresh the fruits and veggies were. I’m also thinking about dinners on the go and semi-healthy snacks to have on hand. Thinking out loud, I need to get my camera back out and take better quality photos than what I’ve been taking with my phone.

SPring Sports
Supporting our favorite ball players!

Are you looking forward to the upcoming spring season? Have any tips or tricks for navigating and juggling multiple kiddos in sports? Also, I’m taking any and all advice for creating a small garden.