Top 10 Kid Favorites At Trader Joe’s


Top 10 Kid Favorites At Trader Joe’sIt’s no secret that Trader Joe’s is a magical grocery land! TJ’s is reasonably priced, offers unique, easy-to-make meals, and has its own delicious wine. Everyone loves TJ’s (it’s hard not to!), and everyone has their favorites lists — even my kids! 

My kids love TJ’s, maybe even more than I do! We have made it a Sunday staple, and my son, Wally, has grown to know what he wants and which aisle he can find it on. And, like most feisty little sisters (me!), my daughter, Greer, wants everything her brother wants, but more. Check out my kids’ favorites from everyone’s favorite grocery store.

Top 10 Trader Joe’s Favorites by (mostly) Wally and Greer:

  1. PB&J Snack Duo: We cannot live without this easy, no-prep time duo! Tip: If you need your kids to stay as clean as possible, only offer the crispy peanut butter-filled wafer sticks without the jam dip. They still love them!
  2. Bambino Pizzas: These personal pan-sized pizzas with big flavor are perfect for little (and big!) kids.
  3. Hold The Cone: Kids love ice cream; need I say more?
  4. Dried Fruit: So far, we have tried bananas, mangoes, and oranges, and they have all been a hit. Tip: Keep one bag in the car to fight away the hangry monsters on the road.
  5. Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes: These mini pancakes are a lifesaver in the mornings. During the morning run-around trying to get everyone ready for work and school, I pop a few into the microwave, and voilà! Tip: Spice up the servings with peanut butter and bananas, maple syrup or yogurt, or plain and in a to-go container for breakfast in the car.
  6. Argentinian Red Shrimp (Greer’s pick): Greer definitely got her taste from me! We could eat these deliciously sweet shrimp every day. Wally is not a huge fan, but for Greer, I chop them up and add them to fried rice or pasta or serve them as-is for her to pick up and enjoy.
  7. Hashbrowns: Nothing compares to McDonald’s perfectly shaped, crispy hashbrowns, but these hashbrowns are close! I pop them in the toaster for a quick handheld hashbrown and use them as a side for a deluxe weekend breakfast.
  8. Gone Bananas: These are a perfectly blended healthy and delicious treat for a sweet tooth on a hot day! Tip: Add them to a fruit kabob for a baby shower, summer picnic, or just for a fun treat at home.
  9. Turkey Corn Dogs: These corn dogs are a bit smaller than the ones you get from the county fair, but they are the perfect size for little mouths. Tip: While the cooking instructions say you can microwave, don’t do that. Just take the time to put them in the oven or air fryer.
  10. Fresh Fruit: We always stock up on all the fruit: blueberries, bananas, raspberries, tangerines, etc.

Of course, we never leave without fresh flowers for the kitchen, our “didn’t plan dinner” dinner (TJ’s Mandarin Orange Chicken), a few bottles of wine, and one of my favorite snacks: Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets. What are some of your kids’ favorites from Trader Joe’s?

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