Ditching The Sweat Pants As A Stay-At-Home Mom


Ditching The Sweat Pants As A Stay At Home MomThis last month, I did the 14-day stay-at-home mom “dress up challenge” that has been circulating on social media this summer. It intrigued me and confused me. If I am at home all day cleaning the messes of my toddlers and in the trenches of dirty diaper mayhem, why in the world would I want to get out of my pjs or comfy clothes? Well, the results actually surprised me. 

Full disclosure: I did not get rid of any yoga pants or running shorts during my challenge. That is just crazy talk in my book. However, I did put forth the effort in getting ready each day and purposely taking a few minutes each morning to focus on my needs before tackling the day. 

They say, “You dress for success.” I have heard this all my life, so that is why this challenge intrigued me. If I took the time each day to get ready and dressed, maybe I could get out of this creative slump I have been in and be more productive. That was my thinking before starting this. So, after a few look-throughs of my closet and all the cute clothes I have been neglecting all summer, I took the plunge. Here is how it went:

Day 1

“I feel stupid,” was literally the thought that ran through my head as I threw on my sundress. We were going to work in the garden and be outside with the boys. Normally, I would be rocking an old, holey t-shirt, running shorts, and flip flops with hair in my go-to messy bun. But not today. I threw on my cute sundress, slapped on some mascara, and cute earrings. I walked out of the bedroom and my husband asked if our plans for the day had changed. “Nope, just trying something different”, I said. I felt confident automatically, was in a great mood, and a heck of a lot cooler in the southern summer heat while picking our garden haul. It did not take me any more time than normal to get ready, and I noticed I was much more productive. 

Days 2-7

“Okay, I am actually having fun with this and getting creative with my outfits,” was my top reaction this first week. I also noticed that I was much more productive in the mornings instead of lounging around drinking my coffee for hours while letting the boys run. After I got dressed for success, I started putting my plans into action for the day instead of letting the day and tasks run me. I was doing more planned activities with the kids and felt confident in my clothes. I realized I can still be comfy while also being stylish while at home with my boys. My main concern was still being comfy while styling outfits. I achieved this with some outfit inspirations below. 

Days 8-14

“I am actually liking this and will stick to it,” was my takeaway from wrapping up the challenge this week. Turns out, I have way too many cute outfits that are still comfy to be just hanging in my closet. I am way more productive when I start out my mornings on the right note and dress to take on the day. My creativity jumped back up to normal, I was planning more activities for my toddlers, my planner was back on track, and my relationships were better. It is crazy to me how just this small change — making myself actually dress for the day — made everything fall right into place. More outfit inspirations from this week here.

Wrapping up this challenge, my biggest lesson learned is that you set the tone for the day. It does not mean that you have to ditch the sweats, but if getting dressed helps you set the tone for success for the day, that is a win. 

Have I dressed up every single day since I finished the 14 days? No…

We all need days to relax or recover from those hectic days of sleep regression nights, temper tantrums, and potty training. But after a day of that, I realized I am ready the next day to get back in the routine because it makes that big of difference in my productivity and attitude for the day. 

Fashion Trends That Got Me Through The Challenge

  1. Two Piece Sets – Easy to look pulled together and feel confident!
  2. Jumpsuits & Sundresses – Cool for summer, easy to accessorize, trendy.
  3. Put-together Leggings – We all love our leggings, but I spiced mine up by piecing them with cute tops, sneakers, and accessories. 

Leave a comment below to let me know if you get dressed each day or have a morning routine that sets up your day for success!