Tips For Helping Your Friend Through Their Depression


Tips For Helping Your Friend Through Their Depression

Do you have a friend who struggles with depression and are wondering how you could help them? It is hard to ask for help as a person in general, but especially as a person who is struggling with depression. More than likely, your friend hasn’t openly suggested ways you can help them and that’s ok. I am here to share some helpful tips for how you can help your friend going through depression.

Although these tips can be used as a guide, remember that each person is different.

  1. Do your research to learn about the disease they are battling. If you don’t know what depression or anxiety is or feels like, it is hard to help someone in their position. They will appreciate your effort to learn more about it in helping them.
  2. Offer practical help. Many times, a person struggling with depression neglects their everyday tasks. They might not have gone grocery shopping in a while and need groceries. Cook a meal or offer to help with laundry. Any little thing would be helpful and your friend would be grateful for you.
  3. Keep them in the loop. More than likely, your friend will start to withdraw from socializing or leaving the house at all. Inviting them to events will reassure them that they haven’t been forgotten and that their friends are there for them when they are ready to socialize again.
  4. Don’t minimize their feelings. You could be going through something similar, but without battling depression, your brain handles the situation differently. You aren’t an expert and shouldn’t try to be. Saying “you have a great job and so many people that love you” isn’t going to talk them out of their depression. Validate their experience. Acknowledge that depression is real and can be challenging. 

Depression is difficult to deal with — for the person who is depressed and their loved ones. The most important thing you can do for them is to be there for them. Encourage your friend to get outside help. If your friend is showing signs of suicidal intentions direct them to the national suicide prevention lifeline, 800-273-8255.