Where To Find Hot Chocolate Bombs In Chattanooga


Where To Find Hot Chocolate Bombs In ChattanoogaIt is nearly winter and the famous winter treats from last year are back! Whether you are decorating the tree, cozying up by the fireplace, or watching a holiday movie, hot chocolate bombs are sure to make your holiday traditions more fun and delicious!

What are hot chocolate bombs?

For those that don’t already know about hot chocolate bombs, they are precisely what they sound like: a ball of chocolate that explodes into a cup of hot chocolate once hot milk or hot water is poured on top. But there is much more to hot chocolate bombs than that…they are absolutely adorable! Once I posted on my Facebook page asking friends where I could find these holiday treats, messages came pouring in with pictures of these holiday creations. So where can you get yours in the Chattanooga area?

Where To Find Hot Chocolate Bombs in Chattanooga


One of the most common responses I received about where to find these delectable hot chocolate bombs, was from individuals who make them from home and sell them. I love that and always make it a point to support people’s home businesses!

Here are some of these talented individuals whom you can contact for all of your hot chocolate bomb cravings:

MAC’s Delights – A talented baker friend of mine makes these tasty treats! Her flavors include milk chocolate and white chocolate with regular cocoa powder with or without marshmallows as well as peppermint! She charges $5 for 2 and you can contact her on her Facebook page or at (423) 400-6331 for hot chocolate bombs or other holiday treats! (She also is a peanut free baker for those with allergies!)

Local Retailers:

Mejia’s Crazy Fruit – Despite the similarity in last name, I am not an owner and am not related to the owners of this business, but I have had many people tell me about them. They are a little bit of a drive to Dayton, but from what I have heard, it is totally worth it.  On top of the milk chocolate and white chocolate hot chocolate bombs that they offer, they also have a wide variety of other fruit and sweet treats. They are located at:

1385 Maley Hollow Road Ste 1
Dayton, TN 37321

The Hot Chocolatier – I don’t know much about the hot chocolate bombs that they sell except for several friends recommended them as a place to buy them. They also have many other delicious and festive treats. Their very popular hot cocoa bombs will be returning this week! You can find them at:

1437 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402
(423) 266-3066

Hot Cocoa BombsHot Cocoa Bombs

Major Retailers:

From what other places have you tried hot chocolate bombs? Drop your recommendations below!