All We Want For Christmas Is Adventure


All We Want For Christmas Is AdventureIt’s almost that time of year again where we end up accumulating even more toys and things to add to the already overflowing amount of toys and things we already had. After three boys, we really don’t need anymore toys. My kids have more than they play with and there really isn’t anything that I need (as I get myself whatever I need during the year). Because of this (and because we don’t currently have an income source which allows us to do what we want on a whim), we’ve decided that this year we want more adventures and more memories.

This Christmas (and for birthdays as well), we’re creating an “Adventure Fund.”

When friends or family members ask what they can get us or the kids for Christmas and birthdays, we let them know that they can put money into our adventure fund if they’d like. What will this money be used for? Here are some ideas:

  1. Renewing our current memberships to local attractions such as the zoo or the aquarium. It’s always nice to have local attractions available when you can’t get away. Also, memberships are the gift that keep giving all year long!
  2. Day trips and short overnight trips to places like Knoxville and Nashville. My middle son’s birthday is tomorrow, so I suggested that my parents gift him tickets to Jurassic Quest in Knoxville in lieu of toys. The memories made will be much more meaningful and impactful than more toys getting lost in the mess. And this adventure will be something the whole family can enjoy together and look back on for years to come.
  3. A small vacation? Between my credit card hotel points and a portion of our vacation fund money, I hope we can take a getaway for a few days after Christmas with or without the kids. As I had mentioned earlier, the memories made on a vacation will last a lifetime — much longer than any object we’d receive — not to mention the love and bond that are strengthened.

I am not a minimalist by any means, but the older I get, the more I value memories and time spent with loved ones above anything else. I hope perhaps, with this new Christmas tradition, I can raise my boys to value experiences and mementos over the material possessions that accumulate.