Hey Kid, How Are You?


Hey Kid, How Are You?Hey Kid, How are you?

The past few weeks have been wild. We have entered into a whole new level of crazy and I have been so worried about you. I felt myself settling into a funk. I was worried…about you and your brother; about our family; about our school; about postponing your birthday party.

The unpredictability of the situation weighed heavy on me. Everything I was doing, all day long, was trying my best to keep my head above water. All I could do was barely make it without completely breaking down.

I did though. I broke down.

I listened as your teacher prayed for you that afternoon. Then, your brother’s face lit up with joy when his teacher said his name in an online lesson. That was it; everything I had been trying so hard to hold in, I lost. I felt my system was breaking. I want you to know that it’s ok if you reach that point. It’s scary and hard and it is ok. I’ll hold you, we’ll cry and we’ll get back up and go again! I’ve got you, always.

Your brother is still a little young to really understand what is going on, but you are aware and in tune with what is happening. You’re an old soul that feels things and senses things. You’re observant. I worried about being able to protect you…not so much from the pandemic itself, but from the ramifications that were hitting and would continue to swing at us. As we began to settle into our new normal, I noticed a light. It was faint at first and with everything swirling around us, honestly, I couldn’t see it. Until I did.

The light, angel, was coming from you.

I sang with you as you praised God during chapel from our living room.
I watched as you paused your phonics lesson to show your brother what to do.
I listened as you used FaceTime to talk with friends. Your attitude, in every conversation, was positive and uplifting.
I helped as you threw on your boots each morning to take care of your rabbits. Rain, cold…it didn’t matter.
I prayed with you when you asked to pray for your teacher and her new baby.

You were able to show me the opportunity! I could work, doing something I am passionate about and believe in, but then, afterwards, I was invited to do school with you! I was able to be a part of your prayers and your friends and your lessons and those dang rabbits you begged to have. God gave me this gift and I all but ignored it because I was focused on the sea of negativity. He is using and will continue to use your gift of light to shine love, compassion and positivity.

I love learning from you daily and I pray, every single day, that you will always have the courage and heart to use and grow this gift of light you have been blessed with!

I love you Kid,

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Erin Martin
Hello! Erin here! I was born and practically raised in Chattanooga, minus a few years as an Army brat. I graduated from Bryan College with a degree in Accounting/Business and currently work as corporate accountant. My husband, Michael and I live in Ooltewah and have been married 8 years. During this time, we have had some serious fun, hard discussions and added two pretty spectacular kids to the mix, Charlotte (5) and Jack (3). I love Jesus, books (so.many.books), coffee, coffee (not a duplicate) and TN Vols football! As a family, we love animals; farms, fishing, aquariums, zoos. If it’s got animals, we are there! Charlotte and I are travelers, but we are slowly getting the boys on board. We camp with friends and family (full disclosure: in a camper!), and I have been known to encourage dancing in the rain and splashing in mud. It’s good for the soul! Happy reading, friends!