Looking for Kindness Amongst Fear


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I don’t know about you, but right now I could use more kindness. I’m saddened by recent events. If we listen to the news long enough or read enough social media, then we can easily lose hope in this world and live in fear. I refuse to let fear win. I believe if you look hard enough (and not even that hard sometimes) you can find kindness everyday from average people like you and I.

I have been the recepient of many acts of kindness. Here’s an example of two such stories:

I was having one of those days. My then two year old was sick. She was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Then I had to take my prescription to the pharmacy, where of course the wait was at least thirty minutes. Not really that long of period, but not long enough to run an errand and too long to want to wait with a sick crying two year old and a fussy and tired baby. So there I was, with basically two screaming children. One because she obviously didn’t feel well, the other, well, what can I say, he’s a sensitive baby. Two kids wanting to be held, one tired momma. Not a good situation. Well, one of the pharmacy workers saw my dilemma and worked a miracle to ready my prescription in five minutes! I was eternally grateful. It probably didn’t take much for her to do that, but it meant so much to me!

Another, day, crazy person that I am, I went to Starbucks with my two kids by myself to meet a friend. Crazy, right? Yes, I know, but I had not seen this friend in forever and well, while it was just a short meeting for me to pick something up from her, I still wanted and needed to meet her! So, while I’m juggling my three year old and my baby, out of the blue, the people behind me paid for our snacks and drinks! Not necessary, but so kind! They could have just as easily rolled their eyes and been critical and think to themselves, why did this crazy woman bring her kids here by herself? But they didn’t. One small act of kindness, one eternally grateful momma.

I have many such stories, and while I have the negative ones as well, I would rather focus on the positive ones and let the judgmental critical looks or comments pass. And I would like to pay it forward, and I challenge you to as well! It does not matter what stage in life you are at or how much money you have or don’t have, you can still show kindness. And what’s even more you will be passing that on to your children. So instead of having a world filled with despair, we can have a world filled with hope and kindness.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for showing kindness to help you get started!

  1. Walk a neighbor’s dog.

  2. Babysit for a friend without expecting payment!

  3. Send someone an article that says you were thinking about them.

  4. Tip a little extra or put some money in those tip jars at any fast food joint these days.

  5. As in the example above, pay for somebody’s meal or drinks.

  6. Let someone go in front of you, even if they have ten times the amount of items then you do.

  7. Prepare a meal (or have one delivered) for a new mom or someone going through a rough time.

  8. Send a text message, write a note telling someone how much you appreciate them.

  9. Bring some candy or bagels to work with you one day.

  10. Help clean off someone’s table for them in your work cafeteria or in a restaurant.

Those are just a few ideas that don’t take much from you, but could change someone’s day for the better! Go here for even more ideas!

What are some ideas you have for sharing kindness or in what ways have you been shown kindness? I would love for you to share! Let’s make the rest of this year about kindness!