The Maternity Clothes Carousel


The Maternity Clothes Carousel

I am a mood dresser. Some days I look like I am ready for the Grammys, others I embrace my dark side in all black; there are times I dress so preppily I could be featured in a nautical ad, while other days I do not get out of my pajamas. It all just depends on my mood. I can remember being in elementary school and my mom would have me pick out three separate outfits for the next day before bedtime and I would choose the winner the next morning.

When I can’t seem to find something to fit my mood, I do what my husband has deemed the “clothes carousel.” The clothes carousel is when I try on way too many different outfits and usually go back through a handful of them to try on a second and third time before deciding what to wear. After the clothes carousel, it looks like an F5 tornado has hit my closet.

With all the changes my body is experiencing during my pregnancy, can you imagine how escalated the clothes carousel has become?!

Actually, it hasn’t been too bad. I knew going into a pregnancy, I would have to change my mindset. At 29 weeks, I finally decided to purchase some maternity clothes. After much research, online window shopping, and getting advice from others, I decided to purchase just a few key items needed — pants and of course a few new things for the season — and pair these with items I had in my closet before my pregnancy, like kimonos and tunics. When it comes to the clothes carousel, having some limits to my closet has actually been helpful. I know there is no point in trying on some things and I have learned to focus on what fits comfortably and fits my mood for the day.

Shopping for maternity clothes is far from fun (and I love to shop!), but it is needed. Below are a few of my favorite places from which to order some budget-friendly maternity clothes & a few of my favorite pieces:




MAMA Super Skinny Jean – I have them in Natural White & Dark Denim Blue.



GeBe Maternity over-the-bump skinny jeans in black



Maternity Seamless Belly Leggins – Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel – I have them in indigo & black.  

Pink Blush

Beige Linen Maternity Pants




From where do you like to purchase maternity clothes? Share with us by leaving a comment!