The Importance Of Moms’ Night Out


The Importance of Moms’ Night Out

I previously wrote a blog post about the importance of me time, but let’s also talk about the importance of a night out with friends, better known as, Moms’ Night Out. Being a mom is hard whether you work or stay home with your children. Staying home with my kids is something I chose to do, but sometimes I need a conversation that goes beyond My Little Ponies or Pokemon, and with an actual adult. I would have lost my mind (at least what is left of it) if I didn’t have my awesome group of mom friends to go out with when I, or they, need a break. There are many reasons why you need to have moms’ night outs, in my opinion, but I’ll just list a few.

Reasons to have moms’ night out:

  1. It’s a break from the norm. There have been multiple studies that show moms work an equivalent to two and a half full time jobs. Most of the time, we get caught up in routine and the role of caregiver that we don’t take the time to do anything for ourselves. There’s always homework to be done, housework, projects, and more waiting, so go have some fun for a night!
  2. Growing other relationships other than your own family. It’s easy to lose yourself as a mom. It is important to have your own identity, including your own separate relationships. Having friends that are in the same phase of life as me has been life-changing. They can relate to what I am going through and I can relate to what they are going through. They are people that I can confide in when I need to relieve stress or complain.        
  3. Personal space is much needed. My kids are still young and they are on top of me from 7am to 7pm. They have no idea what personal space is. Even if it is just going for a walk by yourself or going out with friends, it is always nice to not have a person in your personal bubble.
  4. Because saying no is easy. It is exhausting being a mom. You might not always feel up to going out, and there are many excuses that can be used as to why you don’t want to go out, but try saying yes more often. The workout class your friend has been trying to get you to go to? Say yes. See an event you want to go to but it’s outside your comfort zone? Say yes! Saying yes more often can lead to opening doors to new and exciting things.
  5. Because you wont regret it. I have had mom guilt when I go out but I can tell you that I have never once regretted actually going out and doing something. And I always have fun.

I have gotten lucky with the friends that I have. They are the best and they are always there when I need them most. Here is your push to plan a Moms’ Night Out. You won’t regret it; I promise.