The Wall


The WallOver our Christmas break, we had a bit of extra time at home. As I organized and nested in my house, I called a friend who has an eye for home design. Seriously, reach out; I’ll pass her info to you! As we were talking about the changes I want to make, I mentioned this wall.

The wall needs something, don’t you think? I just couldn’t put my finger on it. My brilliant designer friend responded with, “You know what I am going to tell you, right? That wall needs to come down!”

I had never even considered that! 

Over the next few days, I visualized her beautiful plan for an open floor plan and new island. *Squeal* 

Actual picture of excited me!

I considered the financial impact, the level of difficulty and whether I could get my husband on board for such a huge project. Adding to the heaviness, as the only wall in that area, it is a load bearing wall. Of course it is. *Sigh* It will require a beam for continued support. As my visualization continued, I began to see the symbolism.

There are times, I feel like that wall. 

I do everything I can to hold up all that stands around me. Sometimes, however, no matter how hard I try or how strong I feel, someone is there with a plan to knock me down. While it may hurt, it’s actually ok! Life is full of challenges and obstacles and I can take a sledgehammer with the best of the best. If the wall needs to come down, then let’s do it! However, before you tear the wall down, please make sure the new support beam is in place.

See, in all areas of life, work, school, home, self…we, as women, question. We question ourselves and our abilities to change from the same wall we have always been, holding up all we can see (and so much we can’t!), to a raw beam. With the wall, people can’t see how we support them, they just know we are there. All they see are the beautifully painted walls and decor perfectly placed. With a beam, however, we are exposed. Our raw strength and support is on display for all to see and guess what? It isn’t always pretty.

This year, I am ready to be that beam. I am ready to stand undisguised and in the open because when that beam is stained and exposed, it can accent a room and bring the texture you needed all along. 

Let’s embrace showing our inner selves. Perhaps it will show our families how we strengthen and build. Maybe it will show other women that they aren’t the only ones who feel like if you let go, the whole house will fall.

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Erin Martin
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