To The Career Woman I Used To Be


To The Career Woman I Used To Be

To the career woman I used to be, striving and climbing to the top of the tree.

You gave it up. You walked away. To stay at home after the babies came.

But don’t worry, momma, your time will come.
When sweet babies won’t be so young.
They will learn to walk and play, and you will be wishing you hadn’t dreamed of things not this way.

The deadlines, functions, and events will come again.
You’ve traded them for sweet snuggles and laughing grins.

The days may seem long, friends seem far, but the world sees you for who you are.

Bringing up the future ones who will lead and prosper in the years to come.
Your work here and now is not unnoticed. It is just as important as meeting quotas.

So to the career woman I used to be, I look at you and smile, you see. You thought you had it all, that nothing could be better. But oh man, did God have in store something greater.

So take the time and soak in the love. The best days are here and now, not yet to come.

Poem by Paige Martin

The Story Behind The Poem

This came to me as I sat in the car reading emails before going into Walmart to get snacks. I thought to myself how much easier it would be to be in the office. I could do all the things I needed to get done without the distraction of crying babies or my toddler trying to potty train.

I catch myself with these thoughts often these days. See, I just started my journey as a stay-at-home working mom around a year ago. I was so excited (and still am) about being home with my babies. Getting to see their firsts, getting the quality time with them that I craved when I went into the office every day. But after a while, I realized I missed the office. I missed the “adult” conversation and interaction. I even missed the corporate emails and break room fights over the refrigerator. It seemed like an easier world than the one I sat in each day. Feeling like I was getting left behind after working so hard after college to get ahead.

But after long thoughts and cranky complaints to my precious husband who thankfully listens without judgment, I came to the conclusion in the poem above.

Each season in life has a purpose.

This season of mine includes being there for my babies. I am so fortunate to be able to both work from home part-time and care for my little boys. Though it may be hard at times, I will never forget these days. I also know when they are older, and they do not want to climb on my head while I write content for Chattanooga Moms, I will miss it. I will miss how they need me now. Motherhood truly is strange, isn’t it? We crave for them to be independent and have time to ourselves, but miss the neediness when they do grow up.

So I am leaving you with this. Take each season in life and live it to its greatest potential. Soak in the snuggle while responding to the email, because babies don’t keep, momma.