This Parenting Stuff is Harder than I Thought

I imagined holding hands, wearing matching sundresses and frolicking through a meadow...motherhood. What a cold splash of water to my daydreams. My daughter wears skirts over dresses, cuts her own bangs, thinks I have...
Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays: Beans Curry {Series}

I like to eat meat with every meal, but I do have a favorite childhood recipe that I sometimes cook up that (gasp!) doesn’t include any meat. When I was a child in South Africa...

I’m Tired of Listening to that Hater in My Head

That inner critic, the one who tells you how and why you can’t ever do what you dream of doing...how do you stop listening? I had to realize that voice is not me; it is...
When Your Child Tries to Divide and Conquer Her Parents

When Your Child Tries to Divide and Conquer…Her Parents

I'm sure most of you married you opposite, your other half; for my husband and I that's exactly the case. I'm city, he is country. I love being social he loves staying at home. He...

Cheat Sheet to Flu Season

  The flu, the stomach bug, RSV, hand foot mouth, bronchitis, pneumonia -- they have all been making their rounds this season. So much so, school was even cancelled. My household has been hunkering down...

Being Intentional is Much Better than Checking the Box

  The new year brings new goals. I decided to start the year off by being more intentional about the things that I want to improve: my relationships, my health, my career. I can say...

Dear Working Mom

Dear Working Mom, The transition from stay at home mom to working mom is not easy. I took two years off when my daughter was four to six years of age. I felt her babyhood slip away...

Losing My Voice

When I was eight years old, I lived in Durban, South Africa. I had a large family with whom I was very close and friends living down the street. I was precocious and strong willed....

Buying a Fixer Upper

My husband and I bought our house seven years ago. We wanted something affordable and close to downtown; a starter house that we could transform into our home. We knew what a gem our historic...
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