Finding Home

I recently traveled home to South Africa. I was born there and my parents moved our family when I was eight-years-old. I call it home because for the first eight years of my life...

PMS on Steroids: My Life with PMDD

Have you ever felt yourself turn into a completely different person right before your period? About 20% of menstruating women experience PMS. Has your PMS ever lasted 5-10 days and been extremely intense? It...

Love Yourself

Do you love your body, like really love it? Naked?   In my 34 years of life, I have found so many ways to be dissatisfied with my body, from my skin to my hair and...

My Keto Hacks

Fall is officially here and with the cooler weather come Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas -- three excuses to eat badly for three months. I eat leftover candy because I don't want my daughter to eat all...

How to Throw the Perfect Birthday Party

My daughter Karin just celebrated her 8th birthday; her request was to have a sleepover. I am a sucker when it comes to birthdays -- I have a hard time saying no. The planning...

We are Rock Stars!

I was talking with my husband about whether he thought I was a rock star mom. I assumed I knew his answer because I don't think of myself as a rock star, but he...

I Belong to Me

I recently read a book by one of my favorite authors, Brené Brown. The first chapter resonated with me deeply. It was about wanting to belong, having the feeling of belonging, and then experiencing...

Screen Free Kids

Screen free: I know it's unheard of with screens even at gas station to entertain us while we pump gas. Screens are everywhere! Over a year ago we significantly cut down our daughter’s screen time....
Outskirts of Town Chattanooga | Chattanooga Moms Blog

Outskirts of Town: St. Elmo {Series}

Welcome to St. Elmo! It's not quite the outskirts of town since it is one of the Chattanooga’s oldest suburbs. It was founded during the yellow fever epidemic of 1878 and has beautiful Lookout...

For the Chatta-Newbie

Families are moving to Chattanooga at a rapid pace because our city is beautiful, small but big, and we have the fastest internet in the world! For mamas new to town though, it’s not...
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