We are Rock Stars!

I was talking with my husband about whether he thought I was a rock star mom. I assumed I knew his answer because I don’t think of myself as a rock star, but he surprised me. He said there is a rock star in everyone, you just have to choose to see it.

This made me think about how we view the people in our life.

We can choose to focus on their shortcomings and all the things they don’t do right, or we can look at their rock star qualities and the things they do accomplish. Thinking this way gave me a little boost — to think my husband sees me as a rock star when I can’t see it in myself.
I can be a rock star at loading the dishwasher even though I didn’t get any laundry done. I can be a rock star at going to the grocery store even though I didn’t make dinner. I think it’s important to have goals and look to accomplish more, but we also need to take a step back and acknowledge all the things we do that give us our rock star status.

Because we all have it.

Like last week when my daughter forgot her hat on crazy hat day, her teacher from last year was a rock star and sent me a message letting me know. I was a rock star mom who, in pjs, turned the car around and headed back to school. Her rock star teacher got the hat and gave it to my daughter. There were lots of things I didn’t do right that day, but I came through like a superhero when needed and so did a very special teacher. On that day did I evaluate these thoughts? Well, yes about her teacher, but not about myself. We need to honor the rock star inside of us and give ourselves a little cheer or pat on the back because being a mom is such a tremendous responsibility. It’s a hard job and we should appreciate and acknowledge our hard work!

So turn up “Eye of the Tiger” when you make your entrance and own that inner rock star! Try to keep that rock star filter going when you look at others and appreciate them for what they do without dwelling on their shortcomings.