For the Chatta-Newbie


Families are moving to Chattanooga at a rapid pace because our city is beautiful, small but big, and we have the fastest internet in the world! For mamas new to town though, it’s not easy. You don’t know anyone, you don’t have a built-in support; it can be lonely and isolating. You have to choose to put yourself out there by trying different mom groups and playgroups, looking for your tribe and your bestie. You might even have to make the first move. It’s like dating all over again: exchanging digits, checking to see whether you have the same interests, seeing whether your kids and husbands will get along, etc.

It’s work, but it’s worth it when you have someone to call when you’re sick and you need help, or you want to have a glass of wine or go watch a movie.

Don’t get me wrong; husbands are good for these things and my husband accompanies me to do a lot of these things, but what about when I need a sounding board to talk about my husband? Then I turn to me bestie, my tribe. I grew up in Chattanooga, but it has still been a struggle to find the people who are at the same spot in their parental journey. My best friends from college didn’t get married nor did they have children as early as I did. So, they were still living a single life when I had an infant. We are still friends, but I wanted people who could guide me, could empathize with me and support me.

Advice gathered from different moms who have moved to the area has all been consistent: find your tribe!

Join Facebook mom/playdate groups, go to the library, the Creative Discovery Museum, the zoo and talk to moms who have kids the same age as yours. I got lucky and my daughter talks to everyone so she initiated a lot of the conversations for me. I also enjoy the YMCA as do a lot of other moms I know. They have great childcare for two hours, so even if you don’t want to work out, sit in the hot tub or sauna, lay down on a yoga mat, bring your lunch, and take a break and say hello to the mom next to you who is also taking a break.

Life can be lonely but it doesn’t have to be. Make the choice to get out there and find your tribe!


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