Tales of a Thrift Store Mom

My love affair with thrift store shopping has been burning deep inside since I realized I could buy weird, soft, old t-shirts from Goodwill instead of “borrowing” them from friends or finding them in the lost and found. I’ve been in love with a vintage, quirky t-shirt since the late 1990s, and I would probably […]

Chattanooga VBS Guide – Summer 2016

My sister and I always joke that our mom (a teacher, well-deserving of her three-month break) sent us to a Vacation Bible School every single week during the summer. It didn’t matter if it was at a Methodist, Baptist, or Presbyterian church, if a bus ran by our house, we were on it, off to learn about Jesus […]

12 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies!

It is every parent’s dream for their children to eat their veggies! We hear it all the time, how we need to have them eat more veggies! It is a feat worth bragging about. Our daughter loves veggies! We have a regular rotation between green beans, broccoli (raw or cooked), carrots, peas, cauliflower, and even […]

2016 Guide to Chattanooga Festivals

Summer is approaching, and you know what that means. It is festival season! There was a time in my life when I would be planning for my trip to Bonnaroo. Then I grew up, moved to the suburbs, had a kid, and bought a minivan, so Bonnaroo might be out of the picture. (At least for […]

All the World’s a Stage: Balancing my Hobby with My Family

I learned the value and magic of the performing arts from a very young age. I started taking ballet when I was four. I appeared with my mother in my first opera at about the same age (as the little boy in Madame Butterfly… all I remember is my shoe falling off onstage and my […]

Chattanooga Farmers’ Markets and CSA Share Programs

Fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs, oh my! Without farmers, we would have no food in our bellies. What they do, their work in the soil, is imperative to our survival! Luckily for us, Chattanooga has many options when it comes to eating local, supporting our farmers, and building relationships within our community. It’s one of […]

Chattanooga Playground Round-Up

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly trying to find some new playground areas for your kids. We have our standards – Vandergriff Park in Hixson and White Oak Park close to our home – but a new playground is always fun to explore! I’m featuring some of the favorites of my family, as well […]

My Transition to a [Semi] Fit Mommy

Eek. I am cringing writing that title. If you have seen me out in public (okay, Walmart) in my baggy pants and husband’s old sweatshirt, trying to run in and grab milk before my windows break from the screams of hungry children, it may not look like it, but I am better off under all […]

14 Kid-Friendly Chattanooga Restaurants

Before having children, you know we all cringed when we heard a misbehaving child at a restaurant. The screaming, food-chucking and tantrum-throwing isn’t pretty and certainly isn’t conducive to a fine dining experience. The poor parents look frazzled and are inhaling their meal so they can get out of that uncomfortable situation as soon as […]

When Your Birth Plan Doesn’t Go To Plan

Today is, coincidentally, my older son Jack’s fourth birthday. Later on we will eat massive quantities of sushi and cake (amazing combo) and I will reflect on our time together so far, particularly the state I was in four years ago this very day, when the plans I had dreamed up for the arrival of […]

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Chattanooga Fall Round-Up

Although it is still hot, the bees and mosquitoes are still buzzing and we’re more likely to throw on a swimsuit than a sweatshirt,...
Family Trip to Lake Barkley

Family Trip to Lake Barkley