Staying in the (Poop) Loop

I could probably tell you the last time four different people pooped. I could also tell you the approximate size, consistency, color and the amount of toilet paper required for clean up of said bowel movements. I don’t share this as a point of pride, but rather as an insight into the vast (and often […]

Potty Training My First vs. Third Child: the Bad and the Ugly

When we successfully used “boot camp” to potty train my daughter at just over 2 1/2 years old, I was pretty sure I was the official Potty Expert. It wasn’t like she was 17 months or anything, but waiting until she was ready got the job done in just three days! I even wrote a […]

CMB Launch Celebration {Recap}

On March 4, over thirty moms and their children joined us for our first ever Chattanooga Moms Blog play date! We had such a great time celebrating the launch of our site at Clumpies Ice Cream Co. Contributors, readers, and friends sampled some of the delicious ice cream flavors Clumpies offers, and enjoyed Buy One Get One […]

Raising Modern Boys Wild

Two years ago, my husband and I sold our first home with its 12 foot square yard, and prioritized our new house search with the biggest yard we could afford for our sons. Our oldest was only two going on three, but we could already see the effects of not having the freedom and safety […]

Chattanooga Easter Events {Roundup}

Chattanooga is a happening city, and the time leading up to Easter is no egg-ception. (Hold your applause and/or groans until the end, please.) Whether you are new to the community or you are a Chattanooga Easter veteran, here at Chattanooga Moms Blog, we are so excited to help you plan the best Easter yet! Check out […]

Best Chattanooga Family Indoor Activities to Help You Survive the Winter

Being a mom during the winter months can be rough. Chapped lips, runny noses and an endless supply of lost hats can drive even the most together mama to the brink of insanity. To make matters worse, cold weather means 1000% more indoor time. In my house this usually means no one changes out of pajamas […]

Why Not Say ‘YES’!

I found myself saying ‘no’ a lot; like a whole lot. Why not say YES? If we are being truthful, I downloaded a counter app on my phone and tallied the number of times I said no in a day for a week. The number was startling and I knew I had to make a […]

St. Patty’s in Chatty

You don’t have to be Irish or Catholic or a lover of green beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! If you are looking for something for the whole family to do, then you are a lucky leprechaun! Chattanooga has some great family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day festivities…So don some green, get out there and have fun! St. […]

Driving Me Crazy: The Many Jobs of a Mom Behind the Wheel

I was warned about how much driving I would do as a stay-at-home mom. I see the vans with the Mom Taxi bumper sticker or the little army of stick people and I raise my fist in a somber salute as I pass them in the carpool line. I knew that “chauffeur” was in the […]

CMB Launch Celebration at Clumpies

Life is short. Eat dessert first. This will be our motto Friday, March 4, as we celebrate the launch of our site by indulging in some delicious ice cream. We invite you to come out to Clumpies Ice Cream Co. on Frazier Avenue to meet our contributors and other Chattanooga moms and kids. We will be meeting […]

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