You Know You’re a Mom at Christmas If…


You Know You're a Mom at Christmas If...It’s official: Christmas is only DAYS away. You know you’re a mom at Christmas if you have attended a child’s Christmas party or two (oh, and a holiday performance), eaten a few Santa chocolates while wrapping presents, and decorated sugar cookies with your child that you will not even dare to consume.

Your kids are anticipating the moment they get to unwrap all THE presents, fling snowman paper everywhere, and jump for joy over what Santa (or maybe you’re breaking up with Santa) brought them. 

But what about you, mama…are you excited for what Santa is bringing you?

Ten percent of you may be saying, “Yes, duh, mom blogger,” while the rest of us are laughing at what has been put under the tree for us the past few years. It’s the thought that counts, right? Not how many gifts you received that were made out of recyclable materials (hello, toilet paper rolls).

Well, one thing is certain; we’re all in this together. Hopefully, you find some humor and holiday cheer in this list I titled “You may be a mom at Christmas if you’re gifted this…”

Kitchen Gadgets. If there’s one place you can find a mom in her spare time, it’s in the kitchen. You know why? Because as soon as mom sits down someone is hungrrrry or needs a snack or a drink. Anything to make our time less in this place, we’re for it. Instapot? Yes. Espresso maker? Yes. Kitchen appliances are gifted so much to moms that I have been given three crock pots to prove it.

Something with the word “MAMA” on it. More specifically, a mug or t-shirt with “mama” or “mama bear” on it. Just in case my mom tum and under eye circles didn’t scream motherhood enough, let’s make it extra clear for all the strangers not asking me “Are all these children yours?”

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Cleaning Appliance. You know, like something you need to clean up after your adoring and super disgusting family, who can’t figure out where the hamper is or what it does (DIRTY CLOTHES go in this container, DIRTY CLOTHES, how hard is this, children?). Truth be told, I asked for a robot vacuum this past Mother’s Day. I was nine months pregnant set for my second c-section. Let’s be real; that vacuum is amazing, y’all. A month after receiving it, four people told me they got one after seeing it in action. Now, that’s a testimony.

Cleaning Sprays. Not Lysol or any of that boring flu killing spray. I’m talking about those fancy sprays that cost twice as much and smell like a candle, but they aren’t always in the budget to splurge on. I don’t know about you, but it’s a tad alarming when I don’t want to breathe in a cleaning spray. However, Mrs. Meyers and the Method brand make me want to clean every day.

Handmade gifts from random recyclable items (i.e. toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, etc.). Bonus points if it has handprints on it. No matter how hard they try, this type of present can never be a surprise. Usually there’s a left behind mess like trail of glitter or random fingerprint paint marks on the bathroom wall. Just think; in January you can spray your fancy cleaner on these walls!

$99 necklace *only available for the holiday season*. You know, from that one commercial you see hundreds of times in December and by the fourteenth night you think, “That would look good on me.”

Lastly, maybe your husband really does try and even gets your kids involved by taking them shopping for you. As he enters the overflowing stores crammed full of people and crying children, he becomes overwhelmed with his own children’s cries and sticky fingers. He grabs the first lotion gift set he sees and checks out.

But we see you, mom. It’s hard being a mom, but being a mom at Christmas can be very overwhelming when you are trying to make it a magical time and do it all (go to all the holiday events, volunteer, buy gifts, not get the flu, etc.). While you’re out shopping for everyone on your Christmas list, don’t forget about yourself. Buy whatever your heart needs and budget can afford; you deserve a little spoiling too. 

Merry Christmas, mamas!