Side Hustles for Moms


Everyone loves earning extra money. I don’t care if you are a working mom, working from home mom, or a stay at home mom, extra money is always helpful because we all know kids are expensive. I have been on maternity leave for the past three months and finances got a bit tight once my paid time off ran out. Bills still had to be paid and groceries still had to be bought, so I was forced to get creative when it came to supplementing my husband’s paychecks. Call me the side hustle queen because I made it work.

Here are some side hustle ideas for moms. These will come in handy with the holidays coming up or when money gets a bit tight:

Side Hustles for Moms

1. Sell some stuff

We all have stuff in our homes that we no longer use. I started by having a garage sale before Ruston was born just to clear up some room. Then after he was born I started listing things on Facebook marketplace or groups. Clothing lots of Grayson’s outgrown clothes sold quickly and cleared out lots of closet space. Recently I have started selling pieces from my own closet on eBay. It was more of a learning curve but has gotten easier to do, especially when the kids are asleep.

2. House sit or pet set

I secretly love pet sitting for one of our friends. Even with the kids it feels like a mini-vacation because I get to cuddle with cute dogs and sit on someone else’s couch without worrying about doing all the chores at my own home. I think people often forget to ask moms to house sit or pet sit because they think moms might be too busy, but it is helpful to let everyone on social media or in your friend group know you are interested so they don’t forget about you while they are searching.

3. Virtual assistant

A few years ago I noticed a financial blogger I followed on Twitter was looking for a virtual assistant. I was in grad school with some extra time on my hands so I sent her my resume and was hired. I have worked for her on and off for a few years and I find it enjoyable and easy since I can do it from anywhere. As her virtual assistant I work on a multitude of projects like scheduling her social media posts, creating social media content, and pinning on Pinterest for her, all from the comfort of my home on my own time. There are multiple sites that post virtual assistant jobs or you can always search on social media sites or reach out to potential clients who might need extra help with bookkeeping, social media, or their blogs. The possibilities are endless.

4. Holiday retail position

Upcoming holidays mean longer store hours at retail stores. A holiday retail position could work with a mom’s schedule depending on how much free time she has AND would allow for an extra discount on gifts!

5. Charge for your passion

I love makeup and applying others’ makeup. When I was in college I would always do my sorority sisters’ and friends’ makeup before nights out. I even did my own wedding makeup! For the past few years I have occasionally worked as a makeup artist for brides, wedding parties, engagement photos, and other occasions. Word of mouth has picked up and I have been recommended to strangers and have had repeat clients. It’s fun to me because I love doing it and the money is just an extra perk.

Think about what you are passionate about and what service you can provide to others. Love to bake? Sell cakes or pies for birthdays or holidays. Can you host a party like no other? Lend your skills as a wedding or party coordinator. Are you the ultimate housekeeper? Offer your cleaning services to others. People are always willing to pay for good service and convenience. My best friend has always been super crafty and creative. She tapped into her skills and has sold tons of homemade jewelry and garland strands on Etsy. 

Side hustles are great because you can pick and choose what you want to do and how much time you have to spend. What is your favorite side hustle?