It’s Party Time! Chattanooga Birthday Party Locations


Celebrating birthdays for your kids can seem daunting. These days, there seems to be more and more pressure for a bigger, better party. Now, I’m all for a small party at the park, in the backyard, or a church fellowship hall, but then there are themes and food and decorations…I’m getting stressed out just thinking about it all.

Thankfully, no matter what you are looking for, Chattanooga has something to offer for your birthday party needs! Keep in mind that there are varying degrees of cost depending on the type of party, but usually you get what you pay for, and sometimes the higher cost takes other decisions out of your hands and allows you to enjoy the party more (I can speak from experience on this one!).

Here are some options broken down by category. Happy partying!


Chattanooga Birthday Party Locations:


Does your little one love animals? Chattanooga has a variety of options to suit your needs, whether you like live animal tours, natural environments, or a petting zoo in your own backyard!


If your child is more focused on science, hobbies, or learning experiences, Chattanooga has those to choose from as well! Take your astronaut or train conductor on an adventure!

Warner Park Spray Park
Warner Park Spray Park


What could be better than a pool party? Indoors or outdoors, Chattanooga has you covered.


What’s a birthday party without some food? Why not plan a whole party around it? Check out these options to chow down at your next birthday party!


Do you have a kid who loves to create? Chattanooga has several possibilities – pottery, painting, and everything in between!

Chattanooga Lookouts game
Chattanooga Lookouts game


Jumping, climbing, running, golfing, bowling – you can do it all! Check out these great locations for an active birthday adventure!

Parks/Outdoor Locations

Chattanooga has some of the best parks and playgrounds around – most with pavilion areas for parties. Find one in your area and get busy planning!


Some Chattanooga birthday adventures just don’t fit into a category. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it!

Whew…those are a lot of choices. Did I miss any? Please let me know – I’ve still got years of birthday parties to plan!