Chattanooga Area Children Resale and Consignment Stores


Chattanooga Area Children Resale and Consignment Stores

Have you ever had SO many baby items and had no idea what to do with them or where to take them? Maybe you thought about doing one of the annual or semi annual consignment sales, but they seem like too much work or are too far away? Just know that you are not alone. Since my husband and I are (probably) done having children, I have been searching for ways to get rid of all the baby things. I decided to check out the more well known and local consignment shops in the Chattanooga area (these include Once Upon a Child, Kid to Kid, and Buttons and Bows). 

Once Upon a Child is located at 2288 Gunbarrel Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421.

Their store hours are 10am-8pm Monday through Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sundays. Once Upon a Child buys and sells gently used kids’ clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear. They pay on the spot and offer 30-40% of the Once Upon a Child sale price. To sell to this store you must bring the items to the store. A store employee will review the items and make an offer based on style, safety, and condition standards.

Some tips they added: apparel should be in ready to wear condition, items must meet current safety standards, and apparel should be folded neatly or laid flat in a box or tote. I have only been to this store once and very recently. They have a huge selection of clothes, shoes, and baby gear. Everything seemed to be in really good condition and I bought a few new-to-us outfits for my kids and they loved it.

Kid to kid is located at 7047 Lee Hwy. #201, Chattanooga, TN 37421.

They are open 10am-6pm Sunday through Friday. Kid to Kid buys and sells children’s clothes, shoes, toys, and baby gear. They also buy and sell maternity and postpartum clothes and other items. To sell to Kid to Kid, they ask that you bring the items to the store, no appointment necessary. You can come to the store anytime up to an hour before closing. It takes 15-45 minutes to complete going through items. Then you will choose what payout you would like. They offer 20-50% of what they price items at in cash. The trade in value is 20% more than what the cash value is. I have been to Kid to Kid a few times. It is a smaller store, but I have found the items to be in good condition every time I have shopped here.

Buttons and Bows is currently located at  2543 Cloud Springs Rd, Rossville, GA 30741.

Starting Saturday June 5th, 2021 they will be at their new location at 808 North Main St, Lafayette, GA 30728. Opening day the store will be open 10am-5pm, then they will resume normal hours, 12pm-5pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Buttons and Bows is a low priced children’s resale store with new and used items. Clothing can be dropped off any day they are open. Buttons and Bows usually requires 24-48 hours for sorting and looking at the items and then they will text or call with an offer. The items in store are not based on brand so the pricing is based on condition. The owner pays “yard sale” prices to sellers because of how inexpensively they resell the items. Most two piece outfits are $4.99 or less. The estimate Buttons and Bows gives most sellers is $20-$25 per trash bag, however, it could be more or less. They buy all seasons year round including shoes, clothes, blankets, etc. On larger baby items, such as highchairs, bouncers, cribs, and more, Buttons and Bows offers consignment. When the items sell, the seller will receive 70% of the sale price. This store is super cute and I love that they offer boutique style clothing and I love the pricing at this store. I wish their website had more information about the store and selling to them. I did reach out to them on their Facebook page and they were very responsive. They answered all of my questions and gave me more information that I felt was important.

Do you sell or consign your baby stuff or do you donate it? Any tips or tricks for Mommas who are new to this?


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