The Spot Coffee House the “Hot Spot” to Check Out in Chattanooga

The Spot Coffee House
The Spot, 1800 E. Main Street

Those who don’t know Chattanooga find out fairly quickly that we love the quirky side of life, with plenty of reality mixed in and most of the fluff left out. It’s what has drawn many to transplant their roots here and what keeps visitors coming back again and again. Finding niches in the city that embody this kind of energy makes one feel like you have stumbled onto an old friend that you haven’t previously met.

As the CMB team gathered at The Spot on a cold and rainy afternoon, we made these connections with new and old friends, and left feeling like we’d love to do it again tomorrow.

The Spot is akin to going to your best friend’s house after school. Set up on the outskirts of the up and coming Southside, it invites the everyday passersby, the mom around the corner with kids, and those who need comfort food and unassuming caffeine. You can find a quiet corner on an antique couch to study for finals or reset your brain during lunch break.
A roadside patio is completely fenced in with a corn hole for kids and picnic tables for parents who need a nice lunch without the germs of an indoor playground. Tweens can come by for milk shakes and old fashioned board games without power cords. And a group of 30 moms can gather for an annual party, drinks, coffee and laughter. 

Like the city we love to live in and write about, The Spot met us like an old friend, patted us on the back and said, “You are still hip and cool and fun to be around.” Okay, maybe a restaurant can’t speak to you, but we did leave full of good food and drinks, satisfying conversation promoted by an easy going and warm atmosphere, and looking forward to another year of writing, gathering and getting to know Chattanooga better…and many more trips back to The Spot.  

Many thanks to K. Ricke Photography for tagging along and shooting amazing team photos in the rain!