A Dozen Delicious Dessert Spots in Chattanooga


A Dozen Delicious Dessert Spots in ChattanoogaIf your New Year’s Resolutions are starting out like mine are, your mind is on dessert right now instead of what not to eat! So instead of healthy eating ideas or great exercise classes, I am going to offer some assistance in where to go when your resolutions aren’t quite working out like you planned, or maybe you just need a cheat day spot.

Without further ado here are some delicious dessert and ice cream spots in Chattanooga:

  • Milk and Honey: From delicious homemade gelatos to paletas and fresh squeezed juices, Milk and Honey always has something to please everyone in our crew. The atmosphere is great, so it is fun to hop on the barstools and watch the people come and go.
  • Hot Chocolatier: The Hot Chocolatier steps outside the box with their headlining item: a delicious, rich, hot chocolate which doesn’t disappoint. Their chocolates and truffles are all delicious. Going for a walk around Main Street and the Choo Choo and then heading to Hot Chocolatier is always a fun dessert activity.
  • Clumpies: A Chattanooga classic, Clumpies Ice Cream has been a dessert mainstay since 1999. Their handcrafted ice cream is creamy and delicious. We love to pick up ice cream at the Frazier Avenue location and head to Coolidge Park and play or ride the carousel. There are also locations in St. Elmo, the Southside, and Lookout Mountain. Another fun activity with the kids is to have ice cream at the St. Elmo Clumpies, then ride the Incline Railway up the mountain!
  • Frios: Relatively new to the Chattanooga dessert scene, Frios pops are refreshing and delicious and my kids love them on a warm summer day. Their popsicles are made from fresh and natural ingredients and they are so delicious. This is one of our favorites to grab after dinner at Edley’s BBQ.
  • Julie Darling Donuts: While donuts may fall in the breakfast category, when you see these Julie Darling Donuts you will understand why they are in my dessert category. With flavors like Oreo cheesecake and pancakes and bacon, the creative and delicious donuts feel very much like a dessert.
  • NoBaked Cookie Dough: While it might seem odd to put something that isn’t open yet on my list, I am so excited for it to open, that I had to add it. Opening on Frazier Avenue in the next few days, NoBaked is going to offer gourmet, edible cookie dough in delicious flavors. I am a BIG fan of cookie dough so I can’t wait to add this to our list of favorite dessert spots. With a great location on Frazier Avenue and next to Coolidge Park, I know it will be one of our new go to spots.
  • Ice Cream Show: Another winner in the ice cream category, this one falls in our top ten because their ice cream is creamy and delicious and also for its location. We love to walk across the Walnut Street Bridge and stop here for their yummy ice cream cones. It is fun to sit on their patio on a nice day and let the kids play and eat and enjoy the view.
  • Cupcake Kitchen: If cupcakes are your favorite, Cupcake Kitchen downtown is another yummy spot at which to stop. It is in the heart of downtown so it is perfect if you’re heading to the Tivoli or High Point Climbing gym and want to grab a treat.
  • Koch’s Bakery: If you’re looking for a traditional Chattanooga bakery, Koch’s Bakery is the place. It was first opened in 1948 and is still a family owned and operated bakery. They have pastries, cakes, pies, cookies, and other yummy treats. You can count on finding a delicious treat that will please everyone, and you can also take a photo in front of their big donut mural!
  • Pinkberry: When I heard Pinkberry was coming to Chattanooga, I was so excited because when we lived in New Orleans it was one of my favorite places. With delicious frozen yogurt options and yummy toppings like fresh fruit, boba, and cookies, my kids are in heaven.
  • Ben and Jerry’s: Another chain, but I can’t leave Ben and Jerry’s off the list. From their convenient location to their unique and delicious ice cream flavors, we find ourselves stopping in quite a bit. Perfect after the aquarium, or after dinner at Mellow Mushroom, the kids always love it!
  • Cold Stone Creamery: A repeat of what I mentioned above, the Cold Stone Creamery is another chain, but a winner because of its location by the Aquarium and the Tennessee River. The kids love to pick their flavor and watch the toppings be mixed into the ice cream.

I know I’ve probably left off some delicious options. I focused on the downtown Chattanooga/Northshore area for this list, so if I have left anything off feel free to list your favorites in the comments below!  And as a pediatric dentist writing a post about my favorite dessert spots, I have to close by saying: don’t forget to brush your teeth!