A Letter To My Children: You Will Always Be My Greatest Achievement

A Letter To My Children: You Will Always Be My Greatest Achievement
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Dear Children of Mine,

After three years of non-stop hard work, my time has finally come to graduate with my bachelor’s degree. I have a lot to show from these three years of university education, distinguished dean’s list, graduating with honors, being accepted into the PsiChi honor society. But none of these compare to being blessed enough to be your mom.

Any future degrees that I receive or accomplishments in my career are meaningless without them being for your benefit somehow. I have thought many times during this journey about how I hope that you are proud of me and will look back on these days as inspirational, not only when you are facing your own future education, but in raising your future children as well. I hope that you look back and realize that late nights of Mommy being gone in class or her being cranky while she was trying to get a paper done and you getting upset because YouTube wasn’t working, weren’t in vain — it was all for you.

Photo credit: Kevin Kibble Photographie

Any achievement that I receive in my own life, will never touch my heart in the way that your own little achievements do. Watching your school plays and seeing you learn new things and grow, will forever give me much more joy in my heart and in my life than I can ever accomplish on my own accord.

The Mother’s Day drawing you made for me at school and the crayon scribble that you first made on a children’s restaurant menu, will always hold more value to me than any award or diploma. And the sound of your tiny baby voices singing the little Bible or Cocomelon songs that I enjoy when we are driving in the car together are much more beautiful songs to my ears than the sound of “Pomp and Circumstance.”

So, on my graduation day, as I stand in front of thousands of people in my regalia with my cords and medallions around my neck, know that I can’t wait to be home with you and have your little arms around me instead.

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