Why I Hate Fixer Upper



When I typed the title of this post, I immediately ducked as if rotten eggs were already being hurled at me. I fear the hate mail I will receive and perhaps should be concerned about my personal safety. I am not sure I can bear the weight of the fury and outrage sure to come upon me. When I picture Chip and JoJo reading the title (avid CMB readers that they are), I feel a hard pit in my stomach, because I would never want to hurt America’s sweethearts.

Don’t come after me just yet. Hang with me, pretty please with extra cheese?


The Renos Ever find yourself wishing you had a different house or maybe just a different kitchen sink after watching Fixer Upper? Me too. My husband’s favorite phrase during the big reveal is: “That’s just stupid.” As in, it is completely nonsensical that a house once in complete disarray can turn out so perfectly! Fix-it Felix Chip with his magic hammer and Bippity-Boppity JoJo with her decorating pixie dust are flat-out amazing, beyond and beyond. I absolutely love seeing the creative vision and hard work come together; I am just tired of cleaning drool off our carpeted (not-original-hardwood) floors every time I watch the show.

The Home Life  Those four “sweet babies” and the idyllic childhood they are living on the farm, plus Chip and JoJo’s loving and respectful marriage: are we to expect to believe this is a real family? I do. I know there are things we don’t see on camera, and I don’t put the expectation of the perfectionism on any family, especially these people I don’t know. But how disgustingly cute are they, right? Mom and dad of four are playful and flirtatious with each other; they coparent and make family top priority; they compliment and encourage each other; they joke around and have fun; they are proud and supportive of each other’s gifts. Again, I know they aren’t perfect, but I believe what we do see on camera cannot be faked. I believe we see the evidence of a love that serves the other and delights in truth. So why do I hate this? I don’t. I just wish more marriages and families were thriving in this way. Chip and JoJo have obviously found their calling, but if they ever need a new show, maybe it should be about marriage renovations.

They Aren’t in Chattanooga  Okay, okay. I tricked you. You see what I did, friends? I skillfully grabbed your attention with a shocking title, then I proceeded to say what most people say about this show. It’s fabulous. I really, really love Fixer Upper.

What I was hoping to accomplish with this ruse was for people-pleasing Chip to Google Fixer Upper, see this title, and head over to Chattanooga to attempt a house/opinion conversion on me. Don’t tell him the secret, y’all!!!

I actually do hate that I have to wait until Season 4 (airing late this year) to get more of my Fixer Upper fix. Until then, I guess I will have to gorge myself on past photo galleries and Joanna’s blog posts over at HGTV.

Or I can start (and never finish) more of my own DIY projects around the house. Below you can see where I have painted about 1/4 of our bathroom cabinets. I do love how they are turning out, but it is taking me FOREVER!! (Also, don’t judge, I know I need to clean the shower doors and tile, but it is taking me so long to paint…I have no time for that!)


Not painted



Do you hate (love!) Fixer Upper, too? What is your favorite episode? Have you been inspired to do your own home renos?


  1. You know what I can’t stand? That they don’t (reportedly) own a tv. Now every time I face an enormous like of laundry and sign into Amazon to make folding more bearable, there’s a little voice saying ” Jo Jo wouldn’t be doing this…” Come on, girl friend, really??! How did you make it without Dowtown Abbey and Parenthood? How have you not been forced into ONE Daniel Tigers Neighborhood?!!!
    had to get it out.
    …and can you please come fix my floor plan? ???

    • LOL!!! AND…she is apparently opening the Magnolia Bakery next season. Superwoman? Or totally fooling us all?

  2. I’m not really a fan at all of the show. They seem very fake to me, but I’m not a fan of any of those shows that set up false expectations. They don’t show the fact that they probably have helping hands around either in the form of nannies or extended family. To be honest, I only made it through one episode of that show. But from what I have seen online, she has a fear of color that seems cold and passionless.

    I guess they’re just not my cup of tea.

    Your cabinets look great, though! I love painted wood!

    • Dawn,

      Oh they definitely have extra help at home! YEESH!! Family, church members, maybe a hired nanny and surely a house cleaner. Just not what we see on the show, and I’m okay with that. They still seem to be a genuinely loving family! And I hear that Joanna goes from gray and white everything into full Technicolor wonder next season. I can’t wait to see more color as well!

  3. I am trying to buy my first house and I hate the 47 houses I have looked at and I sit there and think if ONLY Brothers Property or Fixer Upper was here I could have AN AMAZING house.
    I literally may never own a house because I can’t find one that qualifies for a VA loan and can be priced were I could do a reno and have the home of my dreams
    I don’t know of anyone in Chattanooga that could do this and not rip you off.
    Houses scare me and buying a home is worse than buying a car. At least when I buy a car if its a lemon I am protected.
    I am good at stuff in the house, painting, plumbing, decks etc.
    So sad, I am a 100% disabled veteran and I want one these houses like this but I have no idea how to get it and have a peaceful home to help me with my knees and PTSD.
    I hope someone from one of these shows loves vets and bloggers and comes help us!!!!
    I will help your PR campaign!! LOL

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