How to Announce a Pregnancy (That NO ONE Was Expecting)


how to announce a

Did you relate *hard core* to Stefanie’s post back in April about how baby life is HARD and “one and done” was a perfectly happy and content place for your precious little family? Were you down right traumatized by the nausea, vomiting, traumatic delivery of your child, and subsequent PPD and anxiety that had you thinking you were for real losing your mind for an entire year of your life? Had you been warned of fertility issues and told that getting pregnant once was a miracle in itself? And maybe you’ve been pretty transparent about all of these things to basically everyone you know?

Even if your answer is “no,” you should probably keep reading.

I’ve always been a little irked by people who label any pregnancy “accidental.” I mean, you “accidentally” did…what you did? No. A higher power “accidentally” aligned all of the stars, joining two cells and creating an entire being from those two specks? No, that’s not a thing. Babies are planned…the trick is, not always by the parents.

We recently asked our readers how they announced surprise pregnancies (surprise seems much happier than an accident, no?). Many of you seem to be able to relate to the “OMG. Am I? I am. Holy. Crap.” revelation. Some used t-shirts for older siblings. Some casually dropped the news in conversation or wrote sweet messages in birthday cards.

I’m writing a blog post about it.

Some One didn’t think Lee and I were *quite* one and done. All of you that have been nagging us about having another, giving C a sibling, or “trying for a girl” are getting just what your hearts desire. While in COMPLETE shock at first, we’re now excited to publicly announce (you know, to everyone that hasn’t heard me not so casually vomiting out of my car door on the side of the road or in random trash cans at work, or asked “just how many donuts you have to eat for your scrub pants to not fit?”)…C is getting a baby SISTER…for CHRISTMAS!

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A special FaceTime to let K in on the news, our cookie boxes, and K’s face when she realized *MATCHING OUTFITS*!

We told our close family with boxes of (pink) thumbprint cookies earlier this week when we found out that 16 week Baby F was a healthy little lady. Cousin K was by FAR the most excited about this news since being over run by boys for the past four years.

A special thank you for prayers, thoughts, condolences (haha, kidding! #kindof), and well wishes we’ve received so far. Joking aside, we know all too well that this is a precious and delicate little life, and we appreciate your continued prayers for this nugget and the rest of us.


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