Neighbor Jackpot


Neighbor JackpotWhat makes a good neighbor?

I guess the definition of being a good neighbor has changed over the years. Nowadays most would consider a good neighbor someone that doesn’t have loud music blaring at 2am or doesn’t let their dog bark insistently.

My neighbors are pretty amazing. Let me explain why.

Growing up, I always wanted the neighbors you see on tv, the kind you wave to when you see them out and about; the ones you talk with just to talk; the ones you borrow a cup of sugar from when you’re in a pinch; the kind that help out when you need it. I grew up watching TV shows like Home Improvement, Boy Meets World and Family Matters. I wanted neighbors like the ones I saw on TV — I wanted close relationships and I wanted TV perfect.

When we moved out of our first home, we left some amazing neighbors. We had outgrown our house and we were ready for a new adventure, but we were also sad to leave neighbors that were so kind. Seven years ago, we moved to a bigger home where neighbors are farther apart. We have seen a few neighbors come and go since then. Some we were friendly with and some we hardly knew, but we hit the jackpot with the newest couple of neighbors that have moved in.

We had a tree fall during the recent line of storms. Not only was it our tree, but it was across the road and we had no way of moving it and no chainsaw to use. I panicked and began calling places to see what I could do when there was a knock on the door. When I answered the door, I was greeted by a man in a disaster relief shirt asking if I would mind if he cut the tree out of the road for us. He was a godsend! Apparently his son was on his way to work and saw the downed tree, and called him to see if he wanted to help. He showed up ready to work and worked in the rain to get it out of the road. The neighbor that had started moving in the next day saw everything and came over to lend a hand. Soon enough, the tree was out of the road and cut up in our front yard.

Our next problem was figuring out what to do with the rest of the tree. That is where our other neighbors came in. They stopped and told us they could help us haul it off and would even help us cut down the second tree that is now close to falling. Good neighbors could not have come at a better time. My husband has a hurt shoulder and is unable to lift, so we couldn’t have done any of this without their help. I hope they all like baked goods because that is exactly what they are getting for helping us out from such a pinch.

Good neighbors are hard to come by, especially in the day and age when it’s hard to get to know your neighbors. If you have the pleasure of having amazing neighbors, let them know how much you appreciate them!



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