Podcast Roundup


Podcast RoundupPodcasts are nothing new, in fact, there are so many it’s overwhelming! I was late to the podcast game, but it is one of my favorite ways to pass the time on a drive, on a walk, or as I drift off to sleep!

Let me be clear: I use podcasts to escape, unwind, and be inspired. I am a curious person, but I do not generally like to think too hard when listening to a podcast. I overthink everything on my own time, and my podcast time is there to give me new voices to listen to that don’t cause me stress. As a result, you won’t find any true crime or politics on this list, although I am sure there are some great options out there!


For the Love with Jen Hatmaker 

Jen Hatmaker is a steady, hilarious voice for women, moms, wives, divorcees… She is raw and gregarious and excitable with every guest. She is careful and mindful of her guests and the space she holds, and her podcast episodes are a breath of fresh air. She interviews famous people, her kids, and experts in various fields. Her books and blog are where I found her initially, and her social media posts and podcasts have kept me coming back for more!

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle 

Glennon Doyle is a powerhouse of funny and inspired writing on parenthood, growing up, and finding yourself. She is a woman full of questions, who challenges the status quo, and interviews with all heart. She and her wife soccer player Abby Wombach host this podcast with her sister, and they interview famous people, focus on specific topics, and often turn the interviews back on themselves. 

Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown 

You may know her as Blossom or Amy Farrah Fowler, but actress Mayim Bialik is also a neuroscientist. She interviews famous people, focusing on mental health and personal experiences. She’s interviewed co-stars, musicians, comedians, and scientists. She takes a personal and scientific approach to learning more about her guests. Her honesty and realness is a breath of fresh air.

Pop Culture/Famous People

The Popcast with Knox and Jamie 

This one is my absolute favorite. I listen every Wednesday for a chance to escape and listen to my podcast friends. Their tagline is “educating you on things that entertain but do not matter” and they never disappoint. Topics range from the Nos of Teachers, the Best and Worst Chrises of Pop Culture, and movie deep dives. I laugh EVERY TIME. They also host another faith-related podcast called Faith Adjacent, if that’s your jam (and it is mine).

Films to Be Buried with Brett Goldstein 

Brett Goldstein may be better known to you as the gruff Roy Kent from our beloved TV show Ted Lasso, but he is a gifted comedian in his own right. His approach to this podcast is to bring someone on the show, inform them they have died, and then ask them to talk about their lives through their favorite movies. He asks questions about their secret favorite movies and their earliest movie memory, for example. He is not the gruff character he plays on TV. In fact, he is a bright spot, a sweet and enthusiastic interviewer. 

We’re Here to Help

You would know Jake Johnson for his character of Nick Miller on New Girl. He and his friend Gareth host a call-in advice podcast for random people on the internet. Their goal is to be all-in for their caller. They listen to the problem and then offer suggestions (often the suggestions are ridiculous). It is refreshing to hear them banter and then side with their caller, no matter what. They’ve talked to a woman making a D&D character and a woman headed to her high school reunion (just to name a few). 

Other famous folks with a podcast…I dabble in these depending on my mood and who they interview:


If you are a sucker for a TV show, I know there are plenty of recap shows as well! You can listen through Parks and Rec, The Office, West Wing, Gilmore Girls and more!

And maybe I don’t like true crime, but I love a documentary, so for good measure, I’ll share a few favorites in case you haven’t listened to them. Dolly Parton’s America is a nine episode series about the Dolly Parton phenomenon. Missing Richard Simmons is a short series about the disappearance of Richard Simmons after a crazy rise to fame.

What podcasts am I missing? I’m headed out of town on a road trip next week and could use some new voices!