Control Is Not Ours


Control Is Not OursLife can change in the matter of seconds, for the better or worse. We have faced so many changes in my family over the years — surgeries, births, new homes, new adventures, new jobs and unforeseen challenges — but one thing has stayed the same: I can always count on my family to be there by my side.

Family is so important in today’s society and I don’t know how we could make it without a strong family connection.

We strive to raise our kids to know that supporting each other and being there for family and friends is one of the most important things one can do. Even when the task seems impossible, you have to have faith and follow through with what you need to do. This can be a hard concept to understand in the society we live in today, especially when you look around and see so many people only looking out for themselves.

Life has been hectic lately for us. Between homeschool, homeschool co-op, extracurricular activities, music lessons, planning the fall festival for an organization we are a part of, keeping up with orders for my home-based baking, and preparing for some possible additions to the household, you could say it has been a little stressful. Last week, my youngest was on the trampoline and although we took precautions with the net around the trampoline, the pads on the springs and rules for being on the trampoline, my daughter managed to break her arm. She just turned five this month and is on the autism spectrum, so it has been really difficult for her to adjust to breaking her dominant arm.

This whole experience has made me realize that no matter how much you plan, no matter how many precautions you take, you do not have control over everything in this life.

I can prepare and plan and obsess all I want, but at the end of the day, I am only human and I can’t protect my kids from everything. I already knew this, but it’s an easy thing to forget. We can’t keep our kids from getting hurt every time; we can’t prevent them from having their heart broken; and we can’t make it to where they never get their feelings hurt. But we can set them up to successfully overcome the obstacles thrown their way by making sure they have a firm foundation to stand on and helping them remember that they have people who love them and are there for them no matter what comes up.

I want to raise my kids to know that they can’t do anything that would make me stop loving them. I want them to always know I am in their corner and that I will fight for them whether it be standing up for them or standing behind them while they face something scary so that they know they are not alone. I also strive to instill in my kids a deep family connection that will last even when I am no longer on this earth. I want them to care not only for one another, but also for those around them.

Teaching my kids to love themselves and others is one of the most important things I could teach them.