Spring Fever


Spring Fever

Spring fever is defined as a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring. Although spring fever is not a diagnosable condition, I have seen its effects first-hand in the classroom. Typically, the first sign of spring fever with kids is increased energy and impulsiveness. Ask any teacher you know and they will tell you behavior changes in the 4th quarter of school more than any other time of year. Even the most disciplined student will find themselves restless during the last few months of school.

Here are some helpful tips in navigating spring fever for school aged children:

1. Spring clean the backpack: Start looking at the contents of notebooks and backpacks, and make sure all old or unnecessary work is disposed of. This helps declutter and also helps your child feel like this last semester of school is a new start.

2. Fresh air: Let your kid have extra time outside. Especially middle schoolers who no longer have recess. This helps them wind down from the day and promotes a healthy sleep cycle. Sleep is crucial with daylight savings. Having enough sleep promotes better attentiveness during the school day.

3. Change up your routine: Maybe play/free time typically happens after homework. During this season, allow the outdoor/free time to happen as soon as you get home. This helps kids unwind from the day and decompress before they finish any homework

4. Provide incentives for reaching goals: The last quarter of school becomes increasingly challenging for kids academically. When summer is in sight, some kids will tend to lose steam. Provide incentives along the way to increase motivation.

Find ways to help your child push through these last few months. Be patient and learn to give grace when you see changes in behavior. Most importantly, keep expectations high and provide support. Your child’s teachers need you more than ever right now.