Why You Should Be On The Walls: The Positive Power Of Hanging Photos Of You At Home


Why You Should Be On The Walls: The Positive Power Of Hanging Photos Of You At HomeHey, there Chattanooga! It’s Jessica, your local mom, and portrait photographer from Venya Portrait. I hope you all had a fabulous summer with your kiddos, filled with lots of sunshine and memories you’ll cherish forever. And I hope you took a thousand photos.

Today, I wanted to write about something close to my heart: the importance of having photos of YOU up on the walls of your home. Yep, I said it: you deserve to be front and center, not just behind the camera!

Why Moms Tend To Be Camera-Shy

Over the past eight years, I’ve had the privilege to photograph women from all walks of life. As moms, we tend to be the historians of our families, capturing every little moment through the lens of our smartphones. But when it comes to featuring ourselves in those moments, we suddenly find a million reasons not to:

“Oh, I need to lose some weight first.”

“I look so tired these days.”

“Why would I hang a photo of me in my own house?”

Sound familiar? I’ve heard it all, and I get it. Life is busy, the days are short, and as moms, we often put everyone else first. But let me share with you why you might want to rethink that mindset.

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The Science Of Self-Portraiture

Ah, the power of a photograph — it’s something we often underestimate. But did you know that having pictures of yourself displayed in your home goes beyond mere decoration and can actually serve some real psychological benefits?

And believe it or not, psychologists have spent quite a bit of time researching the impact of this on our mental well-being. There have been numerous studies that suggest displaying family photos around the home can actually boost your self-esteem and sense of belonging.

Psychologists claim that seeing images of yourself can serve as a positive affirmation. In psychology, affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and subconscious mind, reinforcing a belief or promoting positive action. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it? A beautiful photograph of yourself can serve as a non-verbal affirmation of your worth, your happiness, and your place within your family and community.

Think about it: how do you feel when you walk into a room and see a stunning portrait of a friend? A photo that captures their essence, their joy, and their beauty — it’s not something to hide away in a digital cloud or a dusty photo album!

The Positive Impact On Your Children

And get this: having pictures of you on display can also positively impact your children. Research in developmental psychology shows that children gain a significant part of their self-esteem from their family environment. And this isn’t just about telling them they’re loved and valued; it’s about showing them, too. When kids see photos of their family members, including their mom, proudly displayed at home, it sends a powerful message. These visual cues tell them that they are part of a unit that values each individual, and that includes us!

Studies have shown that kids who grow up seeing their family, including their mom, up on the walls develop a greater sense of security and self-confidence. It’s also a powerful message about self-love and self-respect.

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Get in Front of the Camera, Momma!

So here’s my call to action, moms of Chattanooga. The next time you’re planning to get family photos taken, don’t sidestep your own moment in the spotlight. And if you haven’t updated your family photos around the house in a while (or ever!), now’s a fantastic time to book a session.

I’d be honored to capture your beauty, but no matter who your photographer is, make sure YOU are part of the story your walls tell. And trust me: your future self and your kids will thank you for it.

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