A Busy Mom’s 3-Minute Makeup Routine


A Busy Mom’s 3-Minute Makeup RoutineI like the idea of makeup. I find myself often buying new eye shadows and lipsticks, though I very rarely end up using them. I am a mom of three boys, an eight-year-old, a 20-month-old, and a two-month-old. Between getting them ready on the occasion that we are going somewhere and my husband rushing me, I do not have more than a few minutes to make myself decent before leaving the house on most days.

So, I thought I would share with other busy moms which makeup items I prioritize when I’m in a rush and which are my favorite products.

First and foremost, my once very thick brows — that I had when I was a child — now have become one of my biggest issues. Since the pandemic, I started trimming them on my own, no longer going to my brow girl to get them tinted. Lately, I feel that they are barely existent, so I started using Morphe’s Arch Obsession Brow Kit. It has an awesome brow cream and applicator brush so I can apply it quickly to give myself full and natural looking brows. When I’m even more in a crunch, I just use the brow pencil that comes with the kit. My only issue with the product is that it isn’t waterproof and I hope to have a more permanent solution, such as microblading, one of these days.

Next, I definitely need mascara. Without it, I look sickly — it comes along with having light eyes and light hair, I guess. I have tried many different brands of mascara and very few have impressed me. My current go-to product for mascara has been BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics. It was recommended to me by an Ulta employee several months ago when I was looking for a good mascara that would really darken and lengthen the way fake lashes do (which I cannot apply to save my life), and this mascara doesn’t disappoint! I am good to leave the house after even just a coat of it!

The second to last thing that I apply is foundation; my choice foundation for the majority of my life has been the Bare Minerals Original Loose Powder Foundation. I find it to not only be quick to apply, but it’s also very natural looking while still offering good coverage. I have used liquid foundations as well, but when it comes to time constraints, I feel powder is slightly faster.

Lastly, I apply my two new favorite products, both of which I discovered thanks to a sample I received from Ulta: the BECCA Cosmetics Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer and the BECCA Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector. These products are amazing — they make you actually look like you got decent sleep, even when you haven’t! These were both a little splurge since together they cost over $60, but it is completely worth it!

With my quick routine, I can leave the house and not worry about looking like a complete hot mess if I were to run into someone that I know, and can actually feel pretty good about how I look (unless they look at my hair, I don’t quite have that one figured out yet…)!

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Amy Mejias
My name is Amy and I am married to my soulmate, and a mother to a sweet and imaginative ten-year-old boy, a funny and cautious preschooler boy, and a smart and independent toddler boy. I have lived in Chattanooga for about 12 years now and I am currently a thirty-something year-old graduate student working on my MSW. I love God, and my family and finding awesome events and experiences around town to enjoy!