5 Reasons This Mom Loves Gold’s Gym


I have been a member of Gold’s Gym since the beginning of the year. I must tell you that I haven’t gone as much as I would like, you know, given the pandemic and all. But I am so excited they are open again. I’ve been slowly popping back in and I am loving it!

Out of the three locations in the Chattanooga area, I picked the Downtown Chattanooga location. That may seem a bit strange for a mom of young kids since they are the only location without in-house childcare, but it really is working out great! For me, working out is me time. I don’t have to deal with snacks, constant question repeating, or sibling rivalry. Since we had to adjust care options this year, I have actually found myself with a little bit of room to get away sans young ones.

Quarantine was not as nice to me as it was to my husband, who has put on 15 beautifully amazing pounds since this all started. Unfortunately, for me, 15 pounds of quarantine means my Stitch Fix pieces aren’t sitting as nicely as they did before and I spent way too much money to turn my back on them now. I know I’m not the only one who’s been trying to gather themselves lately, so I put together this list of 5 reasons I love Chattanooga’s Gold’s Gym! 

1. I love Chattanooga!

The downtown location is a perfect excuse to spend time in the heart of what drew us to the area. I love walking the treadmills facing the street. I’m an unapologetic people-watcher and the large windows in the front of the building are perfect for it. After my workout, I have been taking a short stroll to Starbucks (I know, I know) and I sometimes extend my parking so I can hit the Riverwalk. I’ve even convinced the hubby to take the kids for a nearby walk for a half-hour while I get a power workout in. It works out great! Oh, and don’t forget, you can pick up your Amazon order too!

2. The older kids love it! 

I have two young kiddos, but we’ve been fostering teens and they love going with me. It only costs $10/month for their student membership and they can continue it after they leave us if they want to. I love being able to get them out of the house and moving their bodies. After quarantine and being in the house with the little ones, they appreciate any socializing they can get. 

3. The equipment and turf area! 

I am a little shy about the turf area, but I feel pretty darn cool with the option available. The equipment is pretty fancy too. As a veteran, I have been in a lot of gyms, and I can tell you, their equipment is top-notch. Whether you want machines or free weights, they’ve got you covered. 


4. Classes

Obviously, there aren’t as many group classes as there were before COVID, but they are getting things started with a few options. Check the online schedule here to see what’s available. They are even posting over 200 online workouts for FREE! Check them out. 

5. Cleanliness

Everything is sparkling clean, people who aren’t working out are wearing masks and everyone seems to be doing their part to social distance. They are even doing temperature checks as you scan your key card. I was super hesitant to get back into a gym, but I’m very impressed with how they are doing. You can check out their company-wide reopening notes here.

There you have 5 reasons I love Gold’s Gym. If you’re looking for a home gym, I hope you consider Gold’s. Don’t be afraid to wave if you see me and maybe we can grab a coffee after, 6 feet apart of course. 

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Jessica Pope
Hello! I'm Jessica. I grew up in Northern Indiana where I joined the Navy right out of high school. After 3 deployments and some amazing port calls I married a fellow sailor and began a family. We moved around a few times in search of a forever city. After a few visits to the Chattanooga area we fell in love and set in motion our move to the highly recommended Signal Mountain. I am slowly chipping away at my marketing degree while working part time at a local marketing agency. I am also a huge portrait photography lover and have a small studio up here on Signal Mountain where I shoot luxury portrait for children and women. You can check out my work at www.venyaportrait.com. We have 2 kiddos, Jazzy(6) who's larger than life and Joseph(3) who is taking his sweet time growing up. We have always planned to adopt as well and are currently awaiting a match for a big sister in need of a loving home. I also volunteer as a court advocate for abused and neglected children in the area. It's a great program and you can check out more at https://www.tncasa.org/. You can find me binging true crime podcasts and dark drama shows late at night. I'm a serial hobbyist, I'll never turn down an iced coffee, I actually try hard not to cuss like a sailor and I love meeting different kinds of people.