My New Orange Therapy


Recently, a new gym opened in Chattanooga. It’s called Orangetheory Fitness (OTF), or as my husband calls it “Orange Therapy” because of how happy it makes me. OTF quickly became a huge hit around town with membership growing rapidly. Members are obsessed and non-members are curious. Some of the friends I have made are driving from Signal Mountain and Ooltewah several times a week to take classes! What is so different about this gym than the next? Keep reading!

I first read about Orangetheory when an advertisement showed up on my Facebook timeline. Reluctantly, I clicked on the ad and immediately googled it to find out more. My hip was bothering me from a running injury forcing my doctor to place me on the “torture list.” Yes, I’d been medically advised not to run for a couple of months. For someone who runs 5-6 days a week, it was definitely torture! Looking for something, almost anything, I met with one of the owners of OTF figuring, why not?!


Now before I explain why Orangetheory works for me let me say that I’ve been a member at nearly every gym in Chattanooga. From the low-cost 24 hour gyms to the high-end ones. I have tried large and small group fitness classes, personal training, Zumba, kickboxing, barre and pilates. I am super competitive, yet walked into these classes feeling overweight and under-motivated. Often times, I felt like I was the most unfit person in the room so why even try. It was easy for me to lose sight of the fact that 1) I was getting stronger and healthier and 2) I was not there for others but for myself. And let me be honest…I was out of shape, did not want to work out, and preferred liquid refreshment or fattening foods over the gym anyway! It didn’t take much for me to throw in the towel! And besides, I didn’t have a lot of “free time.” If you are like me, you can fill in the blank with your own excuses!

So what differentiates OTF from these other places? First, let me say that of course the other places can work; you can’t deny that. Working out at home can even work. What I love about Orangetheory is the personalized workout. Sure you’re in a group setting, but because a heart rate (HR) monitor is worn during each class, your workout is tailored to your skill level. There are five zones and your goal is 12 minutes in zone 4, the Orange Zone. When I started I could get myself in the Orange Zone super fast. I would be so proud of myself. I noticed pretty quickly, however, that I was having to increase my speed or my leg drive on the rower to get there. I knew that meant I was getting more fit! Queue the “Orange Therapy” effect/affect – both apply. My body was being changed by the workouts and my mood was reflective in my home life. And you all know the saying, if momma ain’t happy…Well, momma is happy!

5 zones

Remember when I told you I was competitive? Well, large screen monitors are located around the gym and they display your heart rate, calories burned, and this magical number called a “splat point” – all data collected from your heart rate monitor. There is no escaping how hard you are, or are not, working out! Everyday I walk in with jitters because I want to be better than I was yesterday! And because no two workouts are the same, your body doesn’t get used to a routine resulting in those dreadful plateaus. Workout routines are guaranteed to change each day and even change throughout the day.

And that glorious Orange Zone! The reason I believe Orangetheory Fitness is such a hit is that 12 minutes in the Orange Zone creates this “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” – a fancy way of saying I get an additional 24-36 hours of continued calorie burn AFTER my workout! Meaning if I get at least 12 minutes in the orange zone during my Monday workout I’ll still be burning calories through Tuesday! Now you know why momma is happy. It’s also recommended that you workout at least four days a week (and eat healthfully – no escaping that) for optimum results. Here is my before and after picture – it’s three weeks apart and I worked out six days a week and ate very clean (high protein, low fat/carbs). I didn’t starve and I feel amazing!


Another excuse I once made for not working out was that it took time away from my family. I no longer feel that way. I believe I am setting a good example for my family, mainly my daughter. I want her to know how important healthy eating and an active lifestyle is. She knows that Mommy runs and goes to the gym and likes to be a part of my routine where possible. I took her to Orangetheory Fitness Chattanooga so she could see where Mommy works out and what I’m doing while I’m there. Even at three years old, she is able to comprehend that working out is just a part of living. It’s not dreadful, it’s not so I can lose weight – I NEVER use those words around her, and it’s not because I’m not happy with myself. I workout because a healthy heart prayerfully gives me more time on this earth with her!

Here’s to STRONG women…

May we KNOW them.

May we BE them.


Here is a picture of us. It’s significant because I didn’t try to cover up when it was taken. I didn’t have to alter the picture to appear skinny. And I didn’t have to crop it to our faces like I did through her newborn years. Here’s to hoping you find your place of “therapy,” which may very well be Orangetheory Fitness Chattanooga one day – see you there!

T_C park

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and is 100% my opinion and experience at Orangetheory Fitness.