Working Out at Home with Obé Fitness


Working Out at Home with Obe Fitness

I know it seems very cliché to talk about working out in the month of January, but hopefully this article won’t sound like a broken record. I will be the first to tell you that over the past year, I haven’t made any sort of exercise a priority. I know many people used the pandemic and all the extra time at home to jumpstart a great fitness plan, but I wasn’t one of those people. If it involved more than a brisk walk through our neighborhood, I didn’t do it.

As the year progressed, I knew I needed to get moving somehow…

I was tired of feeling lazy. As silly as it may sound, I was influenced by an Instagram influencer to try out Obé Fitness. It’s an at-home workout program, but since it’s app based, you can really do it wherever! I’ve found it easiest to stream on my TV at home so I can see/hear it well, but it’s available on your phone, tablet, and computer too. I know there are a TON of YouTube workout videos you can stream at home for free, but this program took all of the searching, guessing, and legwork out of it for me. I like things to be simple and streamlined. If you’re anything like me, I’m super self-conscious when working out at a gym, so knowing I can do all of this in the privacy of my own home took away so much of my workout anxiety. It was a match made in heaven for me!

Obé Fitness is not free, but I thought of it like a gym membership. You can try it for free your first week, and you are able to cancel at any time. There are several different pricing options based on whether you pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly, but all in all, it comes out cheaper than a gym membership. I was willing to pay for it since I can do it all at home whenever I want.

One thing I really love is the search option on Obé — it is fantastic! As you can see below, you’ve got a ton of options. Since I’m new to this, I most often find myself searching by class type and fitness level. I don’t want to do a class that’s too hard for me, and thanks to the filter options, I never run into that problem.

Another thing that drew me to Obé was the small amount of equipment needed. I didn’t want to pay for a program and then have to invest in a ton of equipment to store at my house. There are hundreds of workouts that don’t require any equipment at all, but the ones that do call for things, require things like hand weights, a chair, and resistance bands. If you’re on vacation with no equipment available, you use that filter and find the perfect class for you.

I also loved the class length options. You can find classes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour long. If I’m pressed for time, I choose a short workout and call it a day. There are also options for live classes. They have schedules up daily for classes you can join live if you like. They are based in New York City, so the classes follow our time zone, and they run all day long. If you can’t take a live class, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of workouts on demand you can filter through. You will definitely never find yourself bored with the same old workouts. They also have workout programs for beginners, partners, and different body areas you’d like to focus on.
Once you sign up and create your profile, you can “favorite” workouts, instructors, and more. It keeps your stats and classes taken, and will email you classes they think would be good for your fitness level. They also run a great social media account, so you can use that to stay in the loop as well.

If you’re a woman like me who hates going to the gym AND hates being lazy, hopefully this fitness program can kick your 2021 off to a healthy start!