Chattanooga Christmas Tree Farm Roundup


Chattanooga Christmas Tree Farm RoundupI don’t know about you, but I am all about putting my tree up early this year! Fortunately, many of the local Christmas tree farms are opening, so if you want to grab a real tree, you can do so ASAP!

While Christmas trees have always been a favorite decoration of mine this time of year, it seems the older I get, the more enjoyment I receive from seeing my tree decorated because I get to be a kid again. 

It was always so much fun bringing the ornaments out from the basement and placing them on the tree. When I was younger, it was my Disney ornaments. However, as I am now a mom, my favorite ornaments are the ones my children have made throughout the years.

I get to see the amazing talent of my friends.

While I am still trying to gain confidence in my tree decorating skills, I love seeing the amazing Christmas trees my friends decorate this time of year. I have some extremely talented friends who take Christmas tree decorations to the next level and I love it! From Elf-themed trees to even a Vols tree in a child’s room, nothing is off limits the it comes to Christmas tree decorating.

I caved this year and put up more than one tree. 

If I am telling the truth, I never really knew why people put up more than one tree. Growing up, I only had one Christmas tree in the house. Yet, as I got older, I noticed that some of my friends have more than one Christmas tree decorated in their house. In fact, some of them have a Christmas tree basically in every room!

This year, I decided to put a small Christmas tree in my bedroom, just to see what it would be like to have more than one Christmas tree. I have to say…I love it! At night, we snuggle up in my bed, turn on a Christmas movie, and enjoy a cup of cocoa. I know — very Hallmark, but I cannot help it! The Christmas tree in the room just calls for a Hallmark moment like that and I will never again go without a Christmas tree in my room. I am even trying to find a way to add another Christmas tree in my home!

How will you decorate your tree this year?

As you get ready to set up your tree this year, will you be considering a real tree to hang your memories on? If so, keep a few things in mind as you head out:

  • Measure. Be sure to keep in mind that a tree in an open field is bigger than it looks! Its size will be greater the minute it comes through your door. Do yourself a favor and don’t “eyeball” the tree or your space. Take a pocket measuring tape and be sure to have dimensions.
  • Make it an experience. Load up the car with blankets and mugs, and make a day of your tree hunt. Many of the tree farms have activities, hot chocolate and even Santa! Allow plenty of time to enjoy the adventure. Be sure to snap pictures so you have them year after year!
  • Be prepared. Call ahead for availability, hours and to see what you may need to bring with you. Ask about credit cards or whether they take cash only. Do you need tools to cut the tree or do they offer pre-cut trees? Ask if they have rooted trees for replanting. Knowing ahead of time what to expect will help you be prepared and make the day fun.

A note: If you can’t get in touch with a farm, consider your next choice. They typically shut down when the trees are gone, or they may not be open every year as their crop replenishes. Be sure to confirm availability before making the trip.

As you head out to make your own Christmas tree adventure traditions, here are some local farms that have offered wonderful selections year after year:

Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm
985 Brushy Valley Road
Heiskell, TN 37754
(865) 599-3522 or (865) 457-5682

Little Mountain Tree Farm
3186 Griffith Road
Pikeville, TN 37367

Raulston Acres Christmas Tree Farm
2572 Georgia 95
Rock Springs, GA 30739

McDowell’s Big Fork Nursery
4955 State Highway 27
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Campbell’s Christmas Tree Farm
7503 Walnut Hills Drive
Harrison, Tennessee 37341

Wheeler’s Tree Farm
1144 Dogwood Valley Road
Tunnel Hill, GA 30755

Kittle Christmas Tree Farm
985 Salem Valley Road
Ringgold, GA 30736

Santa Land Christmas Tree Farm
2574 Concord Road
LaFayette, GA 30728

Christmas Carroll Tree Farms

7206 Highway 95
LaFayette, GA 30728

Camps Christmas Forest
415 Kile Rd
Sweetwater, Tennessee 37874
Entrance at the corner of Kile Rd & Church Rd

Roan Valley Tree Farm
440 Okolona Rd
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Wishing you a beautiful tree full of memories! Happy Christmas, friends!

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