Halloween Treats for School


l am not the mom that brings snacks or treats to my kids’ school unless I am told to do it. And when I am put in charge of snacks or treats, I buy a box of something and that’s it. Nothing fancy and nothing that requires more work. This year, I signed up to be in charge of the Halloween party at my daughter’s preschool. For whatever reason, I decided I would actually put some effort into the treats I will be bringing in for the class. So I decided to share a few ideas I have to hopefully help other mommas who will be making treats for their kids and friends as well!

Halloween Treats for School

Halloween Candy Glove

This one is my favorite! It is so cute and so easy to make. All you need is a box of surgical gloves (latex free), a bag of Halloween candy, and ribbon. Fill a glove with candy, tie it up with the ribbon and you have the perfect treat bag! 

Mummy Applesauce Treats

These are so cute and so simple. All you need are applesauce packets, white party streamers, and adhesive googly eyes. Wrap the party streamer around the applesauce packet, attach the googly eyes and that’s it!

Clothespin Goldfish Bat Treat

This one will take a little more time and equipment to make but is just as cute! For these you will need clear party bags, black cardstock paper, Goldfish, clothespins, mini googly eyes, black pipe cleaners, and a hot glue gun. First, cut wings out of the cardstock. Then, glue the clothespin onto the cardstock and add the googly eyes to the clothespin. Next fill the party bag with goldfish and split it in half to attach it to the clothespin. 

Ghost Lollipops

This one is another super easy treat to make. All you need are coffee filters, lollipops, a sharpie, and ribbon. Put the coffee filter over the lollipop and tie the ribbon around to secure it, then draw on eyes and mouth. That’s it for these super cute ghosts!

Bat Cosmic Brownies

Another awesome bat treat! For these you need a box (or two) of cosmic brownies, cardstock black paper googly eyes, and a hot glue gun. Cut out bat wings from the cardstock, glue the cosmic brownie in the center, and attach the googly eyes!

I have not yet decided which super spooky treat I will make for my daughter’s class party, but I am leaning towards the candy glove! What do y’all think? Which one is your favorite? Let us know if you have any super cool and spooky treat ideas!