The Real Christmas Magician: MOM


Hands up all my fellow exhausted mamas out there doing their best to make this the ‘hap-hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny ‘effin Kaye.’ The final holiday dash is on friends. With fewer than five days left, Santa’s little elves, or ‘Mom’ as they are known by their colloquial name, are putting in some major overtime and probably need a hug. And maybe a strong beverage.

We know it might look easy — moms are pretty good at making it seem that way — but there is a lot of sweat under all that jingle, and maybe a few tears too. So to the moms out there making all that holiday magic possible and still managing a smile most of the time, I salute you. 

I see you mama with the little strands of tinsel clinging to your rear and royal icing caked to your sweater. I know that quiet agony when you finally just accept the cold reality that you will be vacuuming up glitter until July. You’ve been through a lot mama. It’s been weeks of endless school parties, cookie baking, present shopping, present wrapping, and ‘elf staging.’ Son of a Nutcracker, how did we let that one happen?! And when you consider the activity list we try to squeeze into these four short weeks, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is a full time job. This month is filled with ice skating, Christmas light tours, train rides, ballets, and parades, and even though you know it’s not necessary or even possible to fit it all in, you sure try hard. You’re not quite done yet either, so take a deep breath. Throw another log on the fire and throw back another tumbler of soy nog. You still have the monumental joy of transforming your living room into a freaking winter wonderland, assembling a 200+ piece marble run, bicycle, baking ‘Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls’ (see below for fellow contributor and baking goddess Elizabeth’s family recipe) and then letting some jolly fat man take most of the credit!

And you’re going to love practically every crazy moment of it.

These are the magic moments you dreamed of when you imagined what parenthood would be like those many winters ago. You know you’re in the middle of this tiny magic window of time during your kids’ lives when they are at peak belief in all possibilities. You’re pulling out all the stops to make these wonder years spectacular, and no one has to tell you that it’s worth it. Because you know it won’t be too long from now, when you’ll be in the years of sweet and quieter holidays. You don’t wish those days to come any faster than they already are, so you embrace the merry madness of now.

Rest assured that one day they will remember — not the presents, but the beautiful feelings you made possible. Brava Mama!

I’d like to propose making December 28th a new a brand new holiday! The 1st annual Mom’s Holiday Survival Jubilee. I suggest this holiday to be spent at home in pajamas and including any variety of take out paired with a smooth red blend. You’ve earned it, mamas!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bake another two dozen cookies for the first of three parties this week. Happiest of holidays!

The Sweet Tradition of Cinnamon Rolls recipe.


  1. Merry Christmas to the best present I ever received in my six decades on this planet. You are my fav, always thought-provoking writer. This piece made me laugh out loud…”son of a Nutcracker” indeed!

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