Instagrammers I’m Loving: Local Edition


So I’m addicted to my phone. Let’s just get that out there straightaway. I get my news from my phone, I keep up with my friends through my phone, I check the weather with my phone, I take pictures of my cute kid with my phone. You name it, there’s probably an app for it, and I’m probably using it.

So I thought for my post this month, I would use my habit for good and shine a light on some of the great local resources that my phone provides me through my current favorite app, Instagram. 

I’ve always been a Facebook gal at heart, but what I love about Instagram is that it feels like I can curate it more to see exactly what I want to see. Sometimes I just want to look at matcha latte art at 11:45pm when I should take advantage of sleeping, but I really just need some me-time to unwind.

So here are a few local accounts I love browsing when I should really be doing other, more productive things. The great thing is that all of these provide not just pretty pictures, but great inspiration to explore and enjoy Chattanooga with your family, so look, and then get out there and have fun!

PS: These are all accounts/people with whom I have no personal affiliation, except maybe the last one. You’ll see…

Chattanooga Fun (@chattanooga_fun)

So this first one is probably my biggest go-to for planning outings in Chattanooga. It’s great as a reminder for family friendly events, and it also highlights potential date night outings with my husband. The blurb states, “Official page for the Chattanooga Visitors Bureau. We post about Chattanooga attractions, dining, live music & more.” It has prompted so many of my family’s outings and serves as a great reminder of all that our city offers.

A two-way tie between local ice cream joints: Clumpies (@clumpies) and Milk and Honey (@mandhgelato)

I simply couldn’t decide which of these local shop accounts I enjoy more. If you want to just see some pure, unadulterated ice cream goodness, head over to Clumpies account. It’s scoops and pops and sammies for days, and it’s beautiful.

If you want to see some yummy gelato offerings, as well as Milk and Honey’s awesome savory menu options, staff shenanigans, and pics of gorgeous food against that awesome black and white tiled wall, then this account is for you. 

Treks with Tykes (@treks_with_tykes)

This account follows the adventures of local mom Liv and her son, Westin, and the tag line reads, “Goal: Build a community of moms who explore the world together, with our kids.” I think that’s so awesome. Her Instagram account links directly to her new website, where she further explains her mission. She does “single-day treks” in the surrounding area to places like Fall Creek Falls, Cloudland Canyon, etc., “multi-day excursions” within the US, and “week-long adventures to foreign countries that are safe, affordable, and tons of fun!” I can’t wait to contact Liv and do one of her treks! The pics she posts of her travels really make me want to get out and explore. Sometimes I think you need to view Chattanooga through someone else’s lens to remember just how many awesome opportunities we have for exploration close by. Her feed is also a good reminder to view the world through the eyes of your child, something I’m constantly having to remind myself.

Lesley of (@lesleyscraps)

So I happened upon local mom Lesley’s Instagram account through a happy accident, just browsing my discover page. She is a lettering teacher and scrapbooker, and she actually teaches lettering here in town at Art Creations, as well as in Knoxville, at Scrappin’ in the City. This account appeals to the mom in me who wants to start scrapbooking every bit of my son’s childhood, and also to the font nerd in me, who wants all the things written in pretty script all over my office. I feel strongly that irreverent things either written beautifully, or perhaps cross-stitched on a pillow, is one of the best things ever. But I digress…Anyway, in scrolling through her feed, I get such a good sense of who she is with her references to authors and artists and tv shows that I happen to love. As a result of finding her account, I am definitely putting a lettering class on my list of things to try!

Chattanooga Library (@chattlibrary)

I love this account because for some reason I always forget all that the library has to offer, so this helps it stay top of mind. There are so many opportunities at the library for all ages, from classes to workshops, and it’s a great way for moms of young children to meet through their baby bounce and toddler story times, as well as Lego clubs for older kids, and so many other great programs that merit their own post! Their Instagram account focuses a lot on their special events and programs, and it’s definitely one to follow!

Chattanooga Moms Blog (@chattanoogamomsblog)

I warned ya that I was refraining from bias except for this last one. But c’mon, if you’re not following us, you should. We post what’s up on the blog everyday, share mom-centric memes, tell you about upcoming events, and my favorite thing we do is Takeover Tuesday. Every Tuesday, a different blogger gets to make the account hers and show you what a day in her life looks like. It’s fun, relatable, and real, and I look forward to it every Tuesday.

So there you have it. Just a few local accounts that I check in with pretty much daily to stay informed about the city and inspired to try new things! And stay tuned for Part 2. I realized about halfway through that we have so many talented and creative people in Chattanooga whose Instagram feeds you really need to check out! Oh, and I would love to hear your favorites in the comments. They might just make it into my next post!