Baby Sprinkle Shower


Baby Sprinkle Shower From one Momma to another, isn’t it the greatest to be seen and loved on when you’re in a season of change? Going from one kid to two then three kids have by far been the greatest life shifts. I could not have done it without friends who showed up without me asking and family that gave advice off the cuff knowing I wouldn’t take it, but would save it for a rainy (most realistically poopy) day when needed.

Unexpected babies should be celebrated!

During my first pregnancy it was a given that I would be showered with tons of gifts. I mean, what Southern Baptist church ladies’ group leaves a pregnant teen empty handed? Not Ringgold First Baptist, that’s for sure! From church Sunday school classes to small groups, college friends, and four sides of every family tree, there were baby showers. Knowing it was a boy, I had all the blue, plaid, and Teddy bears a baby could need(?). What a gift!

Sunny with a chance of showers never sounded so sweet!

Coming into a second pregnancy with a better footing, a husband, and a 4.5 year old boy, I didn’t expect any of the hoopla. If my sister is reading this, she will have her eyes wide open waiting for me to tell the truth. While it wasn’t expected, I did want the cute frilly pastel pink and cream girl baby shower. A hint to her, and she surprised me big time with a baby girl shower of my dreams at our parents’ house. I’m tearing up now thinking of all the friends who came to celebrate this new life! And at the end when my husband showed up to haul stuff, but got carried away holding up every tiny dress…cue the tears (then and now still!).

Hungry? Shower a pregnant woman with endless breadsticks!

Other sweet moments where baby and I were celebrated included Olive Garden dinners with my other dozen pregnant friends stuffing our faces and being rolled out to the car while wetting our pants from giggles. The sweet brunch my Nana took me to, then shopping afterwards for “just a few pink things” for the nursery since I was doing the whole all primary color theme for “her sweet girl.”

Every baby should be celebrated!

With a planned back to back pregnancy, I wasn’t expecting anything. But MY WORD! Friends showed up again with a celebratory dinner and were so kind to bring along their own baby bumps. Close family had a “Baby Sprinkle” where we were all showered with gift cards for cloth diapers and nursing cream — the only real things you need by baby #3, born 14 months after her sister.

But then, sister Audrey did something special with “Danielle Day:” a day just for Momma. Salon fresh hair cut in downtown Chattanooga, pedicure on toes I couldn’t bend to see, lunch and shopping and just a day to be “me” before becoming “Mom of Three.”

Don’t stop until Momma is soaked in love!

I so very much hope that what you’ve gleaned from all of these undeserving accolades towards my growing babies is that YOU TOO should celebrate every. single. baby. Shower, sprinkle, give Mom a day! Find a friend or stranger with a bump and give it all you’ve got. Even if that’s “just” a day where you babysit the other kids and collect pennies from other broke stay at home moms to get her a pedicure and doughnut. Got a sister? Make her forever obligated to you by giving her the sweetest baby lamb diaper cake shower.

Don’t Pinterest-perfect this new pregnancy celebration. Just love the Momma, love the baby, and celebrate new life!

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