To My New High School Senior


To My New High School SeniorWhen I was writing this letter to your sister just a year ago, in the back of my mind, I was hoping your high school experience would end differently. While you are back in school, not quite everything is back to normal, and there are still unknowns.

What will prom look like? Will you have a cheer banquet? How will graduation be handled?

Just like your sister, you have taken it all in stride. You have learned to take things as they come. While you can be upset that things are not happening like they should, you are not letting your sadness hold you back from greatness. Rather, you are taking the reins and creating a new, better chapter!

I want you to know how proud I am of you. The closing of a chapter is hard, even under the best of circumstances. However, you are trying to transition from high school to college during the pandemic, which I know cannot be easy. Rather than complain, you are making the best of the situations you are given. You are using the extra time to plan for college. You are working hard to finish your high school year strong. You are even holding down a job that requires you to work more hours than I ever did in high school, and you are doing it all with a cheerful smile and an amazing attitude.

You are such an inspiration!

Like I told your sister only a year ago, your high school years — while they certainly are a chapter in your “Book of Life” — they are not going to be the best years of your life. Yes, they will be some great years to look back on, but you have so much more life ahead of you! I just don’t want you to think because your high school years are ending that this is it, that there is nothing more. There is so much more!

How are you handling the last few months of school for your high school senior? Leave a comment below on how we can all work together to help give our seniors the closure they need when it comes to their high school career ending.

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