Enjoying The Season You’re In


Enjoying The Season You're InUnpopular opinion: I don’t love how our society rushes the current season to end and ushers in the next one so early. It’s the end of August, so everything everywhere is turning into pumpkins and Christmas trees. I love to thoroughly enjoy and savor each season, and start celebrating the next thing when the calendar matches the season. Please don’t misunderstand; I absolutely love fall and all that it brings, but not until after September 21st. 

Just last week, I went to Dollar Tree to pick up some pool toys for my boys and was bombarded with spiders and pumpkins, and not one pool toy was to be found. It’s technically still summer, so I began to really think about this.

Why aren’t we content with the season we’re in? What is the big hurry to usher in the next thing? 

This also got me thinking about parenting: just as quickly as the leaves on the trees turn colors and the stores bring out the next season’s merchandise, as parents, we find ourselves in a new season of parenting. Seasons change quickly and it can sometimes feel like we blinked and missed the exact moment this new phase arrived. That is often how I feel as a parent. My kids will surprise me with a newfound maturity or independence that I didn’t see coming. 

I find myself in full swing with back to school which requires sorting out routines and schedules. It is definitely a challenge to balance school-life demands with prepping our home for the change of nature’s season, and finding time to pick apples and pumpkins.

These days, looking at my calendar feels a little bittersweet. The days used to be our own to make them what we wanted. We didn’t have to try to cram fun and responsibilities into one weekend at a time. We could pick apples on a Monday, if we wanted. Our weeknights are shorter with demands of homework and packing lunches. I’m in a new season of learning and growing and finding a new way to balance our family life. 

I love the simple moments best. Going on walks, bedtime stories, and good morning hugs. There will be things you can only enjoy for today because a new phase will be here before you know it, bringing new challenges and new things to love.

So here’s to simplifying, letting things go, scheduling times to connect, and loving the current season. Everything goes by so quickly and there are no do-overs, so I am determined to soak it all in at every age and stage. 

I’m curious to know: are you team bring on all the holidays early or slow down and enjoy the current one? No matter which team you are on, I hope you can find time to slow down and enjoy your current season to the fullest. 


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