FIT4MOM is a Fit For YOU! {Review}


FIT4MOM is a fit for YOU!

What is FIT4MOM?

FIT4MOM is an amazing fitness group for moms to have a community of workout partners, coaching, and fun, all while getting fit and healthy. FIT4MOM offers a variety of different classes and times where you can fly solo or come with the kiddos. These classes are designed for novice all the way through to workout veterans, and I promise you will get a great workout! I was excited to hear the instructors reminding everyone that these are “walking classes with a running option.” If you are just getting into fitness or have been working out for a while, there is a place for you in this amazing community of women. After all, there is strength in motherhood, right ladies?

Who is FIT4MOM?

Rachel McClellan is the owner of FIT4MOM Chattanooga and has two kiddos of her own. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about encouraging moms to feel their best. She has a team of coaches who lead different classes in various locations across our city for moms to attend.

Though Rachel is the face of FIT4MOM, YOU are FIT4MOM!!! Any mom who wants to join in on this amazing group to meet other moms and exercise is welcome. The group always does introductions and you will feel a part of the group on day one! Check out the class descriptions and see what interests you the most.


I enjoy working out, being in shape, and meeting other moms in our city. After having my fourth baby I knew I would want to jump into exercise again. I reached out to Rachel and she was super encouraging about me joining in and giving FIT4MOM a try.

WOW! WoW! wOw! I had no idea what to expect, but I showed up and boy, was it a great surprise! The community of women was so, so, so welcoming and the workout was fantastic. It was the perfect intensity for each person because there were different levels of intensity from which choose. I left feeling like my body had an amazing workout, I was encouraged by other moms doing the same thing as me, and I was very impressed with the organization and coaching I received from the instructor! I’ve got to be honest: I was expecting an easy class of chatty moms and instead I got a great workout with strong women! I am in love with the Fit4Mom community and their passion for healthy mamas!

How do you FIT4MOM?

If you want to check out this amazing group of women, I would highly recommend you do so! You won’t be disappointed and you will look forward to working out and seeing these ladies throughout the week!

Follow this link to get started and join the crew that is right for you because…

…FIT4MOM is a fit for YOU!!