Thrifting On Signal Mountain: A Simple Adventure And Saving Money


Thrifting On Signal Mountain: A Simple Adventure And Saving MoneyA morning on Signal Mountain can be a fun activity for parents and children whether visiting a playground, going for a hike, or having a picnic. Thrifting on Signal can also be a fun option that might feel a bit like a treasure hunt as you never know what you might find!

Thrifting in general can also be a way to spend time with a child and take care of clothes and household shopping at the same time. For families with tighter budgets, thrifting can be a way to find clothes or household items at minimal prices. Particularly right now with prices on so many basic items increasing, it’s super helpful to have some ways to save and still get what you need. 

I remember reading the “ Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and appreciating Marie Kondo’s emphasis on noticing what sparks joy. Thrifting can be a way to find some new things you need or want that spark joy usually for just a few dollars. In addition, if you are ever moved and inspired to declutter and simplify the amount of stuff in your space, donating to thrift stores can be a way to let go of some items that no longer spark joy. I have noticed that our house functions better when I keep a bag or bin ready for donations and just add to it whenever I notice something that needs a new home. It’s like the whole house breathes better with less stuff in it, which in turn can affect how I feel in my home!

Since moving to the area, I have been so impressed with these three local thrift stores: The Clothes House, St. Timothy’s Thrift Shop, and Bachman Bargains.

These local thrift stores are non-profits or ministries that use the funds to help others, so it’s kind of like any way you look at it, there is a win-win dynamic going on. If we end up buying something that does not work, we just donate it right back. Our family also feels great about donating to these thrift stores because we value the work that they do.

Consider coming to Signal Mountain to thrift on a Friday or Saturday morning if you want to hit all three of these stores. Descriptions and store hours noted below:

The Clothes House

The Clothes House is run by Signal Mountain Social Services. This organization does so much good in this community, supporting local people in times of crisis and challenge. From food baskets, birthday party boxes, to repairing homes, Signal Mountain Social Services is continuously serving in the community. The Clothes House directly supports the work that they do. It is located at the front of the mountain, so it makes for a quick trip up from Chattanooga. It’s right across from Mayfly Coffee Shop, which is also a fun Signal place to visit, allowing for the combination of thrifting with a coffee treat! 

Hours: Wednesday 9am-1pm, Thursday: 1pm-5pm, Friday: 9am-1pm, & Saturday: 9am-1pm

Address: 710 Signal Mountain Blvd.


St. Timothy’s Thrift Shop

St. Timothy’s Thrift Shop is run by St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. It’s across the street from the church and near the Clothes House in case you are interested in visiting more than one store. Often, they offer their shoppers fresh bread and ask whether you need any help with groceries. They typically sell fresh eggs first thing on Friday mornings, and the eggs go fast. They sell adult and children’s clothes as well as household items.

Hours: Thursdays: 3pm-5pm, Friday: 10am-1pm, & Saturday: 10am-1pm

Address: 630 Mississippi Avenue 


Bachman Bargains

Bachman Bargains is run by the Bachman Community Center. Bachman is in an old school, so if you bring your child with you, be sure to check out the playground and picnic area behind the building if you want to make an outing out of it. They even have a ball field and a community garden as well. They often give my youngest child a small toy when we are checking out as kind of a treat for shopping there. She loves it!

Hours: Fridays 9am-1pm & Saturdays 9am-1pm

Address: 2815 Anderson Pike


Let me know if you have a favorite thrift store in another area of Chattanooga or nearby town. For other thrift stores in the area, check out this post, and if you are interested in frugal living in general, be sure to check out this post.