Get Crafty at AR Workshop Cleveland {Review}


I have attempted my fair share of Pinterest adaptations of woodwork, hand lettered signs and sewing projects. Occasionally, something turns out somewhat the way I had hoped, but usually I am missing a key piece, my letters turn out wonky or unleveled, or I can’t have my tools do what I want. I still prefer to make something original for my home, but more and more, I settle for a generic piece that comes from the store.

I was thrilled, along with many of the Chattanooga Moms team, to try out AR Workshop Cleveland and enjoy a relaxing evening with friends, while we worked on one-of-a-kind pieces to bring home! 


AR Workshop is located in the quaint and old-timey downtown Cleveland, about 20 minutes north of Chattanooga. The antique tin plated ceiling, brick walls, and picture windows will have you feeling inspired to make art and transform your home. Misty and her helpful team members work hard to make your crafting session more than labor. They provide everything you need to keep clean, personalize a project and come away with something beautiful. No #pinterestfails allowed here! 

What makes this an experience and not just another DIY night, is the quality of care guests are given at the studio. Personalized work stations and hands on help for any step of the projects, plus tips on paints, stains, and sanding techniques, make you feel as if you really know what you are doing and give visions for making something you truly love. 

Since we went in a large group, we brought snacks and drinks which we set up at the bar, allowing us to mingle, stretch our legs and shop while the stains or paints dried. Even if you don’t go with a large group, bringing your own drinks or dessert to enjoy is perfectly acceptable! If your house is already filled with plank signs, trays, canvases, Count Down to Christmas calendars (they have everything!), you can try one of AR Workshop’s classes on knitting with chunky wool. You can even learn to knit blankets or the super adorable and absolutely fall appropriate chunky knit pumpkins


AR Workshop is a great destination for a gals gathering, a date night with your husband (there are plenty of power tools he can use), or Saturday afternoon crafting fun with your child. The staff hosts kids’ only workshops and summer camps, so there is plenty of experience and room for all ages and abilities.

We hope you enjoy your evening or afternoon as much as we did with the wonderful staff of AR Workshop. Save yourself frustration, toss out those old pallets in your garage and head up to Cleveland instead for something that will be a success!