Confessions Of A Compulsive Shopper {Part 3}: Reviews Of Random Products Bought From MLMs


Confessions Of A Compulsive Shopper {Part 3}: Reviews Of Random Products Bought From MLMsMultilevel Marketing Companies (MLMs) are EVERYWHERE in today’s world. Although in the past I have sold items that I really liked for a couple of MLM companies (I am not currently selling nor do I plan to in the future), historically I have not been a fan of how MLMs are run (remember An Open Letter To The Random MLM Lady?). Despite my thoughts on the business practices, I have purchased from several MLMs in the past, either because I liked their products, their products intrigued me, or to support friends selling them.

So, here are some of my reviews of the MLM products that I have tried:


This company of course is very appealing with its images of a healthier lifestyle and the fit body to go along with it. My biggest issue with this company is that they seem to promote having their “coaches” blind contact people to try to get them to sign up. I used to be contacted by random people on social media about it all of the time. Despite this, I have tried a few of their products (through someone I actually know, not one of the random people).

  • Their videos: I tried the subscription service to their videos for about a month. I really enjoyed them when I had time to actually do them. My only issue with the videos was the monthly cost — there are so many great videos for free on YouTube or other free exercise options such as walking.
  • Shakeology: This is probably one of the main components of the Beachbody company.  I finally tried it when I signed up for the 3 Day Refresh. I actually really like it. It tastes good and keeps me satisfied for a few hours. This is a product that I will probably continue to use in the future.
  • 3 Day Refresh: I tried this program to try to lose a few pounds before spring break and to hopefully motivate myself enough to continue trying to lose weight. I lost about 2.5 pounds during the three days, but quickly gained those (and some more) pounds back once I went back to eating the calories that I usually do (though usually I don’t gain or lose weight from my regular daily amount of calories). It gave me flashbacks to when I did the keto diet and gained all my losses back quickly — I wasn’t happy.

Color Street

This is a product I really do like and used for about a year before taking the plunge and selling it for a few months. If you haven’t tried it before, it is nail polish strips that are easy to put on and don’t require any drying time. The only disadvantage was that they do not last as long (for me at least) as gel nails from the salon. But they are quick, cute, and a fraction of the salon price, so I still feel they are worth it and will continue to use them!


I had heard of Modere. It’s supposedly an amazing liquid collagen that works way better than the powder that I was using. Well, I tried it, and it disappointed me. I used it for the amount of time that it suggested and unfortunately saw no results.


After seeing several friends post pre-scripted NuSkin posts, I finally decided to give in and tried a few products. I tried a line corrector for my fine lines and it did nothing. There was also a cream for cellulite, but I wasn’t great at remembering to put it on everyday so no comment there. Lastly, I tried their “Botox in a jar,” which is supposed to temporarily give your skin the look of having Botox. Honestly my fines look the same, but I feel my skin overall looks more youthful after using it. I do like that particular product after putting it on, but hate that it feels like I have cement on my skin when it’s on my face. If you want some temporary youthfulness, it’s worth it.

Rodan & Fields

I am sure you have gathered that I am on the hunt for the fountain of youth. I had heard of Rodan & Fields when I worked in dermatology and some patients swore by it. I decided to get their anti-aging line with high hopes. I used it religiously for 60 days and unfortunately saw no results.


Seint is a makeup MLM that I only recently tried. Their selling point is that everything is in one little compact and it states that by putting all the shade on your face first and then blending (it includes contouring shades), you use less makeup. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but have noticed in pictures that my face looked more naturally airbrushed. We traveled recently and it was very convenient to have it all in one little compact instead of bringing all of the separate components.


Usborne is a company that sells children’s books. I first learned about them about ten years ago when my friend had an Usborne party and I fell in love with them, and even sold them for about a year. I only have positive things to say about them; they have so many unique books on many varieties of subjects!


Younique is primarily known for its lash lengthening mascara. I tried it a couple of years ago and though it did what it said, black flakes snowing down on my cheeks got kind of annoying. I also tried their foundation and couldn’t get a good match.

Of course there are endless other MLMs. Some remain reliable through the years such as Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware, and then there are ones that pop up overnight. Which do you recommend or advise against?

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